Pentewan & Operation Splint 1944

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    Pentewan, a small village, harbour & beach on the South Cornish Coast, was the scene of some of the most crucial training exercises in preparation for D-Day on 6th June 1944. From underwater obstacle demolition to cargo transition exercises to the big casualty evacuation exercise - Operation Splint - Pentewan was to play host in March & April 1944 to some of the crack US troops that landed on Omaha & Utah Beaches in the invasion.

    Using archive photographs, US Navy film shot at Pentewan, US War Diaries & eyewitness accounts, this video-book style presentation seeks to show the role Pentewan played to the success of the invasion and the saving of lives on D-Day.

    Most people have heard of Slapton Sands thanks to Exercise Tiger, but Pentewan was to play an equally as important role in the training of US troops prior to Operation Overlord.
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    good day operation splint 1944.a very informative link.thank you for posting regards bernard85
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    You're welcome Bernard85. Glad it was of interest.
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    CP, Thank you for posting,

    It is a truism that we never should stop learning, this little snippet has been added to my record of preparations for D-Day, and validates the view of Montgomery that training is the key to helping to ensure operational success.

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    I'm inclined to think that 'training' is too general a word. 'Rehearsal' seems much more appropriate given the very specific nature of some of the unit schemes.
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    I agree with you. Operation Splint was the dress rehearsal for casualty evacuation at Omaha & Utah.
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    As April has been a time of commemorating the rehearsals and exercises prior to D-Day's 75th anniversary this year, I again draw people's attention to the video on Operation Splint - the dress rehearsal for casualty evacuation on Utah and Omaha.

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