Pegasus Journal January 1948

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    Pegasus Journal January 1948

    Just before 6th Airborne Division left Palestine from their tireless work in the Middle East, one of the early Pegasus Journals Vol. II No. 4 was published.

    I think the Airborne museum Duxford are thinking of digitising the early Pegasus Journals.

    Some interesting stuff for both 1st & 6th Airborne 'nutters'.


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    Thanks for posting

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    Thank you for the scans of the Pegasus Journal. The story of the hang up out of Chakalala was quite riveting.

    Regards ...
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    Thx Brithm,
    Iteresting article on op Longstop.
    A Waco glider snatch,I bet that was fun.
    Also interesting that the previous issue(Apr) had a photo of my dad's pal (Wallace Mckenzie)picture with the Russians on the Baltic
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