P-61 CBI fighter memoir

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    My father, Lt. James R. Smith, was radar observer aboard the P-61 called "Jing-Bow Joy-Ride." He and pilot Carl Absmeier were a high-scoring team for the 426th NFS in 1945, with two air-to-air victories and a number of very successful intruder missions in China. They assisted in the destruction of the strategically significant Yellow River Bridge even after receiving orders to rotate back to the States. My father left a detailed memoir that I have posted in its entirety at www.nightfighter.info. I would welcome everyone with an interest in this aspect of history to visit us. Blue skies!
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    Welcome aboard! You'll enjoy it here!
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    That really is one strange looking Aeroplane!
    It really Is time for me to do some reading on the aerial war.
    Nice website Alisa53,

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