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    An original grave photo for Captain T C M Taberer along with some letters relating to his grave - he is buried in Milan War Cemetery


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    While tidying up my casualty paybook thread I thought I'd read the photos to this (as well as a few new ones) - sorry its a bit of a dump rather than an organised post - also some of these were posted direct so still show but I thought I may as well go the whole hog in adding these

    Alistair allen.jpg beckett.JPG blakeley.JPG boddie (and burman) grave.jpg botherway.JPG brownhalfayagrave.jpg brownsidibaranigrave.jpg brunt.JPG BUNTIN2.jpg deryck.jpg elsford raven.JPG flockhart 2.JPG flockhart.JPG franklin 2.jpg franklin and comrades.jpg franklin.jpg french.jpg hadland.JPG hart.JPG hattersley.JPG isaac.jpg johnson.JPG kane.jpg Lt Tudsberry.jpg mackinnon and irvine 2.jpg mackinnon and irvine.jpg moodie etc.jpg morgan.jpg morris.jpg new gateshead.jpg parsons.JPG pease (2).JPG peffer.JPG photo of temp. grave marker.jpg quinn2.jpg Scan10014 (2).JPG Scan10029 (2).JPG Scan10030 (2).JPG Scan10032 (3).JPG Scan10033 (3).JPG Scan10035 (3).JPG Scan10037 (2).JPG Scan10038 (2).JPG Scan10039 (2).JPG Scan10610.JPG seaman.JPG smith.jpg surtees3.jpg taberer.JPG tickler grave.jpg wakenshaw.jpg
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    The following photos came as a group and relate to the Gurkhas

    Alistair IMG_20170610_0013.jpg IMG_20170610_0014.jpg IMG_20170610_0015.jpg IMG_20170610_0016.jpg IMG_20170610_0017.jpg IMG_20170610_0018.jpg IMG_20170610_0019.jpg IMG_20170610_0020.jpg IMG_20170610_0021.jpg IMG_20170610_0022.jpg IMG_20170610_0023.jpg IMG_20170610_0024.jpg IMG_20170610_0025.jpg IMG_20170610_0026.jpg IMG_20170610_0027.jpg
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    Becklingen War Cemetery 1945 - looking at how the crosses are placed I'm guessing they were still completing the Cemetery at this point
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    Search Results

    Seven CWGC photo albums ww1 mostly online click the first column reference number and select pdf option,hope it is of interest to some


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    IMG_20190505_0020.jpg IMG_20190629_0001.jpg
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    A couple more

    IMG_20200716_0001.jpg IMG_20200716_0002.jpg
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