Orford (Suffolk) Battle Area.

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    In 1942 9000 acres of East Suffolk farmland was used by the British Army as a training ground for ultimately the invasion of Europe. The area was called the Orford Battle Area and it went north from Orford; included the village of Sudbourne; up to the River Alde and across to Tunstall Common.
    Sudbourne House (once owned by the Wallis family) was used as a HQ.

    Does anyone have information (of any sort!) about the Orford Battle Area?

    Thank you....

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    Orford Battle Training Area - Suffolk Heritage Explorer


    June 2016: During the Second World War, an extensive military training area was established between Orford and the River Alde, an account of which is given in bibliographic sources (S1)-(S2), and evidence of which can be seen as earthworks and structures on 1940s (and later) aerial photographs (see related 'child' records, for example SUE 133). The training area encompassed approximately 12 square miles, including the villages of Iken and Sudbourne which were evacuated. The headquarters were at Sudbourne Hall. The area is most notable for its use for tank training, including preparation for the D-Day landings.
    Various elements of the site have been recorded individually. These include SUE 133, a very extensive area of dispersed structures, groups of pits/craters, and anti-tank obstacles, linked by vehicle tracks; CHF 022, the military camp at Sudbourne Hall; SUE 119, a section of mock Atlantic Wall; SUE 139, a vehicle park; IKN 118, anti-tank obstacles on Iken Heath; and IKN 013, a group of shell craters relating to training. Some of the earthworks and structures relating to the training area still survive (SUE 119, for example).

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