Ordinary Seaman P.HJones: LCT 363

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    I recently visited the far north of Scotland and near Durness, in the Cape Wrath area found a Commonwealth War Grave at Balnakeil Church yard.The name on the headstone was as above, with the date of death given as 27th Feb 1943. The seamans number was P/323996 and he was19 years old.I thought that perhaps he was a local lad who was buried near his home but from CWG info his parents were from Surrey.Wished I had taken photo but am left speculating if LCTs were in the area practicing beach landings on some of the sandy beaches of the north.
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    If you Google LCT training it would appear there was training in Scotland
    The Scottish Military Research Group - Commemorations Project :: View topic - Sutherland's Second World War Dead A-L

    JONES, Peter H, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 329996, died
    Royal Navy casualties, killed and died, February 1943


    Ordinary Seaman
    Service No:
    P/JX 329996
    Date of Death:
    Royal Navy
    H.M.L.C.T. 363
    Grave Reference:
    Additional Information:
    Son of Henry and Hilda Jones, of Norbury, Surrey.
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    LCT 363 was a Mark 3 LCT.

    At that time she was probably fitted with anti-torpedo nets and used as close protection for warships at Scapa Flow.

    She came under the command of Orkenys and Shetland Command, Scapa. Special Service (Under A.C.O.S) and was part of 6th LCT Flotilla. State ā€œCā€. Scapa. Administered by B.D.O. Lyness

    State ā€œCā€ - Craft unfit for operations but fit for training or administrative use only.
    A.C.O.S. - Admiral Commanding Orkney and Shetlands
    B.D.O. - Boom Defence Office.

    The IWM website has a few photos online showing a LCT Mk 5 fitted out for this role.

    A 20919  Scapa.jpg
    A 20919, Admiral Sir Lionel Wells and Lady Wells with Olga and her keeper, P/O Dowdeswell.


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    Not a nice way to go - see attached

    UK, British Army and Navy Birth, Marriage and Death Records, 1730-1960
    Name: Peter Howard Jones
    Event: Death
    Birth Date: 4 Nov 1923
    Birth Place: Portsmouth, Hants.
    Death Date: 27 Feb 1943
    Death Age: 19


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    His death wasn't entered by the Scottish Registrar in the Minor Records (where deaths at sea are normally found) that I can see.

    I think they still do military exercises at Durness. It's a beautiful area, but remote.
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    Not sure if this was an accident or self inflicted.Poor man either way
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  7. I was up at Durness today and took a photo of the grave. Unfortunately the file is too big to share on here...
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    Simon, Its a wonderful spot. I forgot camera when I went and wished I had it with me.

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