OPERATION AMHERST: French SAS in Holland, April 1945

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    French Military Cemetery Kapelle

    This weekend I visited the French Military Cemetery at Kapelle in SW Holland (in the Province of Zeeland). Here all soldiers who fell under the French flag on Dutch territory and were not repatriated to France found a final resting place. Over 600 French soldiers lost their lives in, near or above the Netherlands in May of 1940, when French troops entered Holland as Allies, and the war years thereafter. Their names are commemorated on the central monument on the cemetery. Many were reburied in their homeland after the end of the war, a large number (104) remain unknown.

    Kapelle cimetiere.jpg

    In May 1940 French troops entered the southeastern part of Holland by way of Belgium in an effort to stem the German advance. Near the village of Kapelle they fought a stubborn defensive action on May 16th (the Dutch Army had capitulated on the 14th, but the capitulation excluded the area of Zeeland, where the fighting continued). On initiative of the major of Kapelle, Mr. W. Bierens, the French casualties, who lay unattended on the battlefield, were collected by the local population and laid to rest on a temporary field of honor on the edge of Kapelle. By the evening of May 17th, 1940, a number of 65 French casualties had been collected. After the war the cemetery at Kapelle was officially designated by the Dutch authorities as French Military Cemetery. It was officially opened on May 16, 1950. The cemetery contains 217 French soldiers, 20 Moroccans and Algerians who fell in French service and one Belgian soldier.

    Kapelle memorial 1945.jpg
    All names of the fallen French soldiers on Dutch soil are commemorated on the central memorial. Among them also the soldiers that were repatriated to France after the war.

    See also: French War Cemetery Kapelle - Kapelle - TracesOfWar.com
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    Eight SAS paras, who fell during Operation Amherst, found a final resting place at Kapelle. Their graves are easily recognizable because of an attached small round grey shield with the SAS badge:

    Kapelle detail 1.jpg

    Kapelle detail 2.jpg

    Note that three of the French SAS paras still rest in graves in Drenthe: Lieutenant De Sablet at Bovensmilde (see: OPERATION AMHERST: French SAS in Holland, April 1945); Sgt. Ravanel at Smilde (see: OPERATION AMHERST: French SAS in Holland, April 1945 and Sgt. Ragnacci at Beilen (see: OPERATION AMHERST: French SAS in Holland, April 1945).
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    Today, April 10th, is the day that a group of French SAS paras (3e Regt Casseurs Parachutists), under Lieutenant Jean Auguste Valayer, was trapped in the Mulder barn near Assen, Holland, during Op Amherst April 1945.

    See: OPERATION AMHERST: French SAS in Holland, April 1945

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    Gday Stolpi.... I am new to this site but am very interested in your thread. I immigrated to Australia in the late 80s and took with me a detailed report about the events around the Stokersverlaatbrug in Appelscha in april 1945. The details in your thread are very familiar to me.... you've even mentioned my name as a resource! I am now retired and very keen to have my research properly looked at in the hope to have it published! There are still quite a lot of questions that I have and am wondering if you can enlighten me. I am in the possession of a detailed letter that Pierre Sicaud sent me in 1984 and he mentioned quite a lot of details that I have not come across in books such as the detailed report by Roger Flamand. I am keen communicating with you!
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    Vanders22 I've sent you a PM
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    New on You Tube (Dutch with English subtitles):

    The maker Frank Eleveld is still working on Part 2. I will keep an eye on You Tube and post the second part over here as well.
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