Nottinghamshire Yeomanry 1944-45-War Diary

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  1. Ravrick

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    Hi, does anybody have a copy of the war diary for the Notts Yeo from 1944-45, I am interested to see if J C Ashworth (possibly an officer) is mentioned in the text? I also understand that they landed on D Day, is that correct?

  2. Tom Canning

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    Don't have their WD but thy did serve in VIII Armoured bde at El Alamein with 3rd Tanks and Staffs Yeo - after Tunis went home and supported 50th Div on Gold Beach with 24 Lancer and 4/7th Hussars
  3. Guy Hudson

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    I had a quick scan of war diaries June to September 1944, I didn't see a mention. TM Lindsay 'Sherwood Rangers' may have a reference.

    War Diary D-DAY
    D-Day H Hr 0725. Regt in sp of 231 Bde, who were assaulting beaches between Le Hamel on the West and La Riviers on the East. B Sqd. (DD) were supporting the 1 HAMPS on the right and C Sqd (DD) were sp 1 DORSETS on left. The two DD sqds were due to touch down H-5 after a tremendous bombardment from air and sea along the whole length of beach and all known enemy posns. A sqd was to arrive H+90 in sp of DEVONS. Owing to bad weather the DD Sqds did not swim in, but were landed on the beach and as a result of this, the plan became rather disorganised. Owing to bad weather C Sqd had 5 tanks drownded and B Sqd 3 tanks drownded, but most of the crews were rescued. A Sqd landed at H+90 and by that time the beaches were incredibly congested and at one period the situation appeared rather difficult. However, vehs gradually made progress and the Regt eventually assembled in the neighbourhood of BUHOT according to plan, where it passed in sp of 59 Bde.
    Lt Col Anderson was wounded when endeavouring to force a way to the village of Le Hamel which continued to hold out in spite of terrific bombardment.
    Lt. Horley was killed as he was bringing his tank on to the beach. Capt Enderby was wounded when his landing craft received a direct hit from an 88mm.
    A Sqd having arrived at BUHOT after completing a circular route through MEHVAINES, from there moved into RHEYS in sp of DEVONS. From there they had to move back to sp the ESSEX.
    That evening B+C Sqds leaguered with the ESSEX just short of BAYEUX.
    Having got clear of the beaches, we have not had a great deal of opposition except from enemy snipers and Lt Holman saw one at 20 yds, who fired at him with a rifle and in return he fired back with his 75mm and completely knocked his head off.
  4. idler

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    Nothing leaps out of Lindsay, I'm afraid, based on a quick scan of the post-D-Day section, there being no index.

    There are photos of 'the officers of the Regiment' in 1939 and Jan 1946, neither of which have an Ashworth.
  5. SDP

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    The SRY landed on Gold Beach Jig Sector (Jig Green to the immediate east of Le Hamel and Jig Red just up the coast towards La Riviere) in the first wave on D-Day. The other assault Regiment in the 8th Independent Armoured Brigade was 4th/7th Royal Dragoon Guards. Both these Regiments were equipped with Sherman DD tanks but, because of a heavy swell and surf on the beaches, they were mostly landed from their LCTs directly on to the beaches. The 24th Lancers, the other 'Sherman' Regiment in the 8AB, were reserve Regiment scheduled to land in the second wave/tide; they were equipped with Sherman M4A2 tanks.

    With respect to your original question, your best chance is probably to contact Regimental HQ which is based at Carlton near Nottingham. They run a very active Old Comrades Association. I think they also have a web site but I believe that was run by the late Ken Ewing (Ken died within the last year) so I'm not sure of its current status.

    I'm reluctant to post more personal information on a public web site but if you contact me via a PM I'll do my best to help.

    Steve Pannell
    Hon Sec 24th Lancers Old Comrades Association (until we disbanded at a rather splendid Reunion at the National Army Museum in Chelsea in 2005!)
  6. Roddy1011

    Roddy1011 Senior Member

    SDP -

    Hon Sec regiment that very little is known about...

    Apart from the NA at Kew, is there another archive where details, paperwork, pics can be accessed ? Am particularly interested in the veh census numbers...

    Roddy de N
  7. DaveB

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    Ravrick - I would suggest scanning your source documentation and adding it to the thread so the experts (not me) can peruse it for clues.

    Where do the couple of points you already know come from?? (his surname & unit)


  8. SDP

    SDP Incurable Cometoholic

    SDP -

    Hon Sec regiment that very little is known about...

    Apart from the NA at Kew, is there another archive where details, paperwork, pics can be accessed ? Am particularly interested in the veh census numbers...

    Roddy de N


    I will contact you via PM so as not to distract from this thread. Having said that, the simple answer is, unfortunately, 'no' apart from some at the IWM

    Best Regards

    PS: PM now sent
  9. Smb1964

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    Could any point me in the right direction please I am looking for information about my grandad frank jotty Matthews he was in sherwood rangers yeomanry Tanks in ww2 he always told me there wasn't many of them returned home after 6yrs I live in Carlton Nottingham

    Yours Sean Barlow
  10. NCollins

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    Hi everyone. Im not sure if I should be asking this in a thread someone else has started but it was on the topic of the Sherwood Rangers.

    I was curious is anyone had any information on what tanks the Sherwood Rangers would have been equipped with after D-Day (specifically around late June) and in what quantities in each squadron. Im guessing this is a bit of a long shot but thought I would try.

    I am also looking for details on a specific tank (though this might be hoping for a bit much). This year will be the 70th anniversary of my great uncle loosing his legs when the sherman he was in (I believe he was the gunner) was taken out. I believe it was in June 26th in Vouvray. I was hoping to find the mode of sherman and (if possible) the squadron and production number it had. Finally the names of the other crewmen who were killed. I want to try to buy and make a model of that tank and paint it up as correctly as possible. Its harder as I dont want him to know Im doing it so cant ask too many questions. His name is S. R. Hayward if there is any mention in the diaries.

    Regardless if anyone is aware of anywhere I can get photos of Sherwood Ranger tanks during June so I can try to be accurate with the markings that would be an awesome help.

    I hope to get to the national archives to look in the war diaries themselves but if anyone has any other sources of information I would be eternally grateful.

    Thanks for your time.
  11. SDP

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    Can't be absolutely certain but the place was Rauray and not Vouvray. I suggest you contact the regimental HQ at Carlton near Nottingham as they have an active old comrades association. They are also bound to be at their memorial in Bayeux on 7th June to commemorate the 70th anniversary of when they liberated that town.
  12. Steve Mac

    Steve Mac Very Senior Member

    Hello NCollins, welcome to the forum.

    I am no expert on tank models, spec, etc. but we have members who are and hopefully one or more will be along shortly to assist you.

    With reference to 'Vouvray', it does exist as part of France but further south; a wine producing area... ;) . The Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry were assisting the 49th (West Riding) Division in the area of Fontenany/Rauray in the fighting against the 12th SS Panzer Division 'Hitler Jugend' on the 26 June 1944. It looks like your Great Uncle was injured in this battle; and quite a battle it was - well worth reading up on this...

    I trust this helps.


  13. NCollins

    NCollins New Member

    Ahhh... must have been Rauray (bad phone connection when he was saying where it was). Ok, to the internet for further research. Thanks for the place to start!.
  14. Tom Canning

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    N Collins
    You will find the battle for Raurey in the prelude of EPSOM - `11th DLI lost very heavily there going against Panzers with just bayonets as the Tanks had already taken a bad beating earlier…

  15. SDP

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    The battle on 26th June was part of Operation Martlet which was meant as a deception prior to Operation Epsom.
  16. idler

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    The association did have a book available which was based on their padre's diary, I think it's called The Man who Worked on Sundays. It's relevance is that it is his account of the recovery and burial of the SRY casualties, so it may well have details of your great-uncle's tank and crew.
  17. Drew5233

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    Just realised I have the units war diary - Doh !

    From WO 171/861 Nottinghamshire Yeomanry War Diary 26th June 1944.
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  18. Steve Mac

    Steve Mac Very Senior Member

    Evening Andy,

    Are you able to post the War Diary extracts again with 'darker' print, in order to make them legible?


  19. Drew5233

    Drew5233 #FuturePilot Patron 1940 Obsessive

    I'm happy to email them to someone if they'd like to do it?
  20. NCollins

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    Well my trip to the national archives was successful in some respects as I took some closer pictures of the June entry of the war diary (If someone gives me someone to send them to Ive sharpened them and modified the contrast as much as my limited skill allows and can send them as a PDF).

    However, no mention of my Great Uncle. Does anyone know of any documentation that may give the squadron those in the SRY would have been put in? Casualty and KIA lists with what squadron they were from would also work (information on the destroyed tanks by would also be excellent)? I know this isnt strictly war diary related so sorry if this is the wrong area to put this. Id be happy to move it if anyone can suggest a better part of the forum.

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