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    WW1 hero Chavasse twins remembered in Lancashire.

    The bravery of two World War One brothers has been remembered in a production in Lancashire.

    Capt Noel Chavasse, of the 10th Battalion of the King's (Liverpool) Regiment, became the only soldier to receive the Victoria Cross twice during the war.
    His twin brother Christopher was a Chaplain in the Royal Army Chaplains' Department and was awarded the Military Cross.
    A performance called Brothers in Arms in Fulwood and Lancaster tells the story of their courage, faith and sacrifice while under fire.
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    Excellent to see these two remembered and honoured in this way. Thanks Leslie.
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    Earlier this year we met a chavasse on our yacht in the Solent recently, he came along the pontoon from his boat seeking hot water for his coffee, when he introduced himself I linked the name to NC and it transpires that he is a third cousin. More details in link.
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    Mike L.- Chavasse's is the only CWGC headstone to feature the images of two VCs. The other double VC winners did not die on active service.
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    Memory is on the blink, but I seem to recall that Noel Chavasse's nephew or grandson, also named Noel Chavasse was a liaison officer to Monty in NWE.
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    At Bromsgrove Cemetery

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    Service to commemorate Captain Noel Chavasse and the Battle of Passchendaele

    Noel Chavasse Memorial at Abercromby Square.

    University staff, students and members of the public are invited to Abercromby Square this Friday, 4 August for a service to commemorate Captain Noel Chavasse and 100 years since the Battle of Passchendaele in World War 1.

    A doctor, sportsman and son of the Bishop of Liverpool, Captain Chavasse is the only person to have been awarded a Victoria Cross (VC) twice within the First World War. He was awarded both VCs for his bravery in attending to wounded soldiers – the second was awarded posthumously for his actions in braving heavy fire to treat wounded soldiers during the Battle of Passchendaele.

    Captain Chavasse moved to Liverpool in 1900 when his father was appointed Bishop of Liverpool and the family became residents of the Bishop’s Palace, which was at 19 Abercromby Square.

    After attending Liverpool College, Captain Chavasse studied medicine at the University of Oxford. He returned to Liverpool to continue his medical studies here at the University and took his first placement at the Royal Southern Hospital in Liverpool.

    Friday’s service is being organised by the Liverpool Scottish Association and 208 Field Hospital Royal Army Medical Corps. The Liverpool Scottish Pipes and Drums will be attending as well as standard bearers and members of the public.

    If you wish to attend, please arrive at the Chavasse memorial at Abercromby Square by 12.45pm. The service will begin at 1pm, exactly 100 years to the hour that Captain Chavasse died in 1917 during the first days of the Battle of Passchendaele.

    On Tuesday, 29 August, a Centenary VC stone in honour of Captain Chavasse will be unveiled on Abercromby Square by the Bishop of Liverpool.

    The great great niece of Captain Chavasse, paid a visit to his former family home at 19 Abercromby Square earlier this year. Read more here: Noel Chavasse relative visits family’s former home at 19 Abercromby Square - News - University of Liverpool.
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