No Africa Star - Why? Update: Help with Records received

Discussion in 'Service Records' started by alimason, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. dbf

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    Glad they finally arrived!

    Africa Star with 8th Army Clasp (I don't have)
    France Star (I don't have)
    Germany Star (I don't have)
    Might be worth checking with the Medal office that he actually applied for these - do you know?
    Ministry of Defence | Defence For... | Veterans | Medals | MOD Medal Office

    There are various threads for abbreviations, but why not post images of the records up on the new section just for such queries and start from there?
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    Hi guys


    I have received Grandpa's service records (at last) and his campaign medals were listed as follows :

    Defence Medal (which I have)
    Italy Star (which I have)
    1939-1945 Star (which I have)
    War Medal (which I have)

    Africa Star with 8th Army Clasp (I don't have)
    France Star (I don't have)
    Germany Star (I don't have)

    I am keen to obtain copies of these (possible??), also the servide records take some reading, I'm sure there must be a list of abbreviations somewhere!

    Any help gratefully received


    Make sure the replica stars match the other 2 original ones you have as there are different finishes.
  3. paulcheall

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    Ali - I haven't got any further with my original query, though with mine the Africa Star had been awarded to Dad's comrade but without the 8th Army clasp. To be awarded the Africa Star he actually had to fight in Africa itself - I presume Egypt counts as such. The 8th Army Clasp was an extra clasp that was sewn onto the ribbon for those who were additionally in the 8th Army. You did not say which regiment your GF was in. Also, what was his name? Did he survive the war? Sometimes the records offices made mistakes so if you find he should have been entitled you can write to the war office (I think) and claim the medal for him.
    PS would love to see the photos he took, especially Egypt.

    My grandfather was in 8th Army during WW2.

    I have his medals and also small collection of photo's he took in various places such Italy, Egypt and Beirut. His was awarded the following but no Africa Star ?? Why was this ??

    1939-1945 Star
    Italy Star
    Defence Medal
    1939-1945 Medal

  4. 4jonboy

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    Hello Ali
    If it's not too personal, why don't you upload his service records.

  5. alimason

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    Yes good idea, I will scan them in while the boss is at lunch!
  6. alimason

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    Hope the attachments are there ??

    Attached Files:

  7. alimason

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    I always have a nightmare with these files!
  8. 4jonboy

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    Thanks Ali
    Someone will be able to decipher them more for you soon!
    Please post any photos you may have if you don't mind. Thanks

  9. alimason

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    2 more files here - one showing medals issued

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