Newton Flotman Short Stirling Bomber (N6022 MG-D 7 Sqn) crash site July 1941:

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    I am researching my Grandfathers plane crash in Newton Flotman in 1941 I am hoping to find out anyone that may have remembered that night, please read below details of that night:

    It was the night of the 14th / 15th July 1941 my Grandfather Leslie E J Davenport was a Front Gunner on Short Stirling Bombers of Squadron 7 RAF based at Oakington Cambridgeshire. The target for that night was Hannover Germany. The Flak was heavy over the Dutch coast and Dennis Witt the pilot used a lot of fuel manoeuvring the plane away from danger. They managed to bomb the target, hitting factories in an industrial part of the city.

    On the return it became apparent that they may not have enough fuel to get back to Oakington and Dennis Witt prepared the crew of seven including my Grandfather for ditching the plane at sea. My Grandfather always said they breathed a sigh of relief when they crossed the North Norfolk coast near Cromer, but with fuel dangerously low Witt gave the order to bail out, which they did at 12,000 feet. My research has led me to find out that the crash sight of the plane was ain Newton Flotman along the A140 on part of the Shottesham Estate.

    All the crew including my Grandfather bailed out successfully and survived. Two of the crew were injured, John Prentice broke his back in the jump. Now my Grandfather always said he bailed out somewhere between Newton Flotman and Swainsthorpe and him and another crew member Leslie Bolton were taken in by farmers to a farm cottage, I am not sure where. They said they sang "Roll out the barrels" very loud so locals would know they were not Germans!!

    My Grandfather spent the night there and he said he fell asleep in front of the fire in an armchair! Leslie Bolton who I have spoken to recently who is still alive said he left his Mae West flying jacket in the farm there when the RAF came to pick them up the next day.

    My Grandfather passed away in 1988, so my research is grinding to a holt, I would love to know if anyone in the area remembers that night in 1941 and recalls either seeing the plane, crew or infact remember taking the airmen in for the night and of course the Mae West flying jacket that is still about somewhere!

    The plane must have been largely intact as according to local Police reports it crashed at 03:30am, I know the location but interested for further details.

    I have been in touch with a local aviation enthusiast Bob Collis who said they knew about the crash site but it has never been dug as the plane must have largely been intact and taken away. However in the 1970's they did find .303 bullets bits of metal lying on the surface!! This was taken to Flixton Aviation museum, who have confirmed the parts are no longer there…..lost in the sands of time unfortunately.

    Like I have said should anyone be aware, heard stories, have family relations that may remember that night I plead to find out more, pictures, stories, relics etc

    I live in hope that someone somewhere will hold the key to unlock more information for me and I can finally draw my research to a close. I am sure my Grandfather is looking down on me and I hope to find out a little more about that part of his life that he is not around to tell me about.

    Please contact me

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    Hi Ian

    Have you tried contacting the local newspapers for info, or asking them to place an article in an issue asking the questions you require answers to??

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    Have you seen

    My father's usual Stirling through May, June and the first week of July 1941 was MG-D - 'D' for Donald. He flew with F/Lt Gerry 'Blackie' Blacklock, 'Ash' Ashton, 'Jock' Graham, 'Paddy' Kenny, Wilbur Crebbins as 2nd pilot. My Dad was harry 'Ginger' Rossiter.

    STIRLING WINGS, THE SHORT STIRLING GOES TO WAR by Jonathan Falconer wrote this about N6022 crash:

    "On the night of the 28th I went to Brest, Bremen and Cologne (twice), and a new Stirling for Gerry Blacklock and his crew N6022 was the new mount which quickly came to be regarded with considerable affection by all of the crew who took it on ten operations over the coming months, culminating with a trip to Magdeburg on 5/6 July. However, life for N6022 was destined to be brief: ‘borrowed’ from Gerry Blacklock by Dennis Witt on 15/16 July, the aircraft ran short of fuel returning from a raid on Hanover and was abandoned by its crew over East Anglia, who left the aircraft to crash at Newton Flotman, Norfolk."
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    I have many thanks for sharing she did share a picture with me which was nice but I had seent the picture before.

    Many thanks for digging around for the though.



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