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    I have a copy of the 9 Durham Light Infantry war diary covering 1944 and it has just under 500 pages in it, that will be over £500 for the National Archives to copy it at their rate of £1.30 per page.
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    Hi Kyle (post#58)


    8th Armoured Brigade (under XXX Corps control)[99]
    4th/7th Royal Dragoon Guards
    Nottinghamshire Yeomanry (Sherwood Rangers)

    ??? Wot no 24th Lancers? or 13/18th Hussars ??? :) :salut:
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    Hi Ramiles :)

    They are there as listed, they were part of ...8th Armoured Brigade??? :)
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    Brigade schematic which you might find useful
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    The numbers? I do not know, they began spontaneously in this Forum and also the WW2Forum recently.

    They do not appear on any other site i frequent. No idea on how to fix it.

    Maybe the Australian Gestapo is watching?


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    Hello Darren,

    Per the attachment at post no. 41, it looks like the same clerk wrote-up the service record for your grandfather's wedding and his Mention in Despatches. First time I have seen an award for getting married!



  7. Thats funny, Steve. The coincidence there is that the 9th of August (the day he was mentioned in dispatches) is my birthday !
  8. Steve Mac

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    Wow, that is a coincidence. I stumbled on something similar last week.

    My Dad's oldest brother (my uncle) served with 72nd Field Regiment, RA, 50th (Northumbrian) Division and was killed at Bray Dunes (near Dunkirk) on 31 May 1940. His last birthday alive was the 3 September 1939, the day we declared war on Germany and also the day he was mobilised for war.

    I was wondering if this man left memoirs: I haven't looked, but if he did it may be an interesting source of information for you.


  9. Thanks, Steve.. Yes, his memoirs would be very insightful.. I'll check him out.

    Somebody on this thread asked me to post picture of my grandads medals.. So here they are.. Any insights/comments welcome, it all adds up !

    Im about to start another thread (i'll call it "Harry In Holland - A Search for Friends & Family").. In it i'll post pictures of a photo album that I just came across which has lots of pictures of my grandad with others in 522 COY and a Dutch family who took him in when i stayed in Nijmegen.. Please jump on the new thread if you are interested..

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    That would\ve been me, thanks for adding them.
    Do you have his Africa star, with 8th Army clasp
    like this
    The ribbon bar for his C de G is pictured with the 1939-45 Star
  11. Its weird, i swear the i remember seeing an Africa Star when i was a kid but my mum can't find it..

    Thanks for the direction on the clasp.. Did you see the badges attached to the Defence medal ?? I take it he put those on later ??
  12. What is the ribbon and the end for ? Would he have worn that during the war ?
  13. dbf

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    Do you mean the ribbon bar, the last image? That was worn in place of medals, it not always being practical. There seems to be a couple of ribbons missing too... Defence Medal and War Medal 1939-45

    As far as i can remember the only ribbon issued during the war was the Africa Star. The medals and stars themselves were minted until after the war was over. So you'd see a lot of men who were still in service post-war, before demob, with medal ribbons. Men who'd served in the British army and who'd been demobbed had to apply for their own medals; they weren't issued automatically to everyone who was entitled.
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    How great to see these pics! My late father served with 233 Field Coy, Royal Engineers, and since 2003 I've been making trips back to Europe from Canada (where I've lived since '78) to follow Dad's footsteps through Sicily and from Gold Beach to Nijmegen, where his war ended with a butterfly bomb. I decided to skip his North Africa chapters - too vast and still too dangerous, I was advised. Dad's detailed notes and dozens of sketches have served as treasure maps, enabling me to identify and photograph precise locations along the way, including sites where he did bomb disposal during the London blitz. In my travels, I even encountered 2 civilians still living, one on the Dutch border and another in Sicily, who remembered him decades later and the particular event he had described. I visited Stelen in 2003 and knew approximately where the folding boat bridge constructed by 2 Platoon was put across, but today was the first time I've seen a photo of it! I'm hoping to publish this labour of love later this year and would very much like to include this photo if I can get permission to do so and give appropriate credit. <>
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    How long was the 203rd Field Ambulance attached to 50th Div? Does anyone have additional information on this Unit?

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