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Discussion in 'RASC' started by Dave Watts, Feb 21, 2024.

  1. Dave Watts

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    I need help trying to find the service records of my wife’s late uncle. We recently came across his medals after being hidden away for many years. Along with the medals was an envelope with a note in his brother’s (my wifes dad) handwriting. See photo. I have been trying to find any information about his war record, but results on My History and Ancestry show nothing for him, despite having all his information. Any suggestions where I go next?

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  2. Dave Watts

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    Good morning all. I need help trying to find information re. my wife’s late uncles war record. Despite knowing he was in the RASC , and his number we have hit a brick wall with My Heritage and Ancestry. Any suggestions from you wise people.
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  3. Chris C

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  4. gmyles

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  5. Wobbler

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    Welcome aboard Dave. I see Gus has already given you the heads up. Once you get the record, and it can take a while, you’ll certainly find more help here deciphering them, if you need it, and providing information on the unit/units he served with, e.g. war diary info, books etc. There could well be a member or two here who already holds a lot of info on his outfit.
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  6. Dave Watts

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    Thanks Gus
    Thought that might be the case. Was hoping I might find out sooner as family rumour has it that he was a dispatch rider in Normandy, and I’m going there in April
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  7. Dave Watts

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    Hi, Martin
    I used a similar forum to this one when I was researching my Grandads WW1 record, and got a lot of info then. Thanks
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  8. Richelieu

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    Welcome Dave, and to get you started...

    You have the ribbon for the 1939-45 Star, but he would also have received the France & Germany Star and the War Medal 1939-45. He may also have received other Stars and possibly the Defence Medal, although to the exasperation of some, his service in active theatres may have precluded him from accruing sufficient service elsewhere for this award.

    The Gazette entry confirming his Mention in Despatches ‘in recognition of gallant and distinguished services in North West Europe’.
    Page 1563 | Supplement 36994, 20 March 1945 | Londo...

    His General Service Medal 1918-62 with Palestine 1945-48 clasp is confirmed in the medal roll.
    WO 100. General Service Medal 1918-1962: Clasp Palestine 1945-48: Royal Army Service Corps | The National Archives
  9. gmyles

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    Palestine medal register found on Ancestry.


    This would suggest that he was serving in 101 Company General Transport Amphibious (GTA) at the time of receiving this award.

    Some previous conversations here 101 RASC GT COY- Was the GT- Amph. a separate unit?

    Extract from THE HISTORY OF THE DUKW AND RASC DUKW COMPANYS DURING WW11 waggoner/ww11 dukw 3.pdf

    101 GT Coy RASC

    101 Company (GT - Amphibious) 1945 February assisted in training Belgium Drivers late 45 England: Hobbs Barracks Lingfield 3 Division Column 1945 Palestine Apr 1947 Egypt: Bitter Lakes 1952 Egypt: Moascar, Canal Zone 3 Division Column 3 rd of Aug 56: Ordered to mobilise for Suez 3 Division Column Oct 56: Column embarked for Suez 3 Division Column Nov 56: Arrived off Suez but did not land 3 Division Column early 58 Germany:

    Service records will expand on what unit he may have served in prior to this.

    Hope this helps

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  10. Dave Watts

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    Thanks, Gus, that’s very interesting
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  11. gmyles

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  12. Dave Watts

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    It certainly does! Thanks very much
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  13. dbf

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    Intro thread merged with another to avoid confusion, duplication.

    Welcome to the forum and good luck with your research.
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  14. Dave Watts

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    Thanks very much!
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