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    Below is a link to several National Archive documents that show the locations of Intercept and Direction Finding stations. The source of the documents is Nat Arch file HW 41/401.

    Google Docs

    Stations are labelled with the letters M,N,O & P. These refer to the type of station.
    M = Intercept station
    N + D/F station
    O = VHF station
    P = non-morse interception (high speed teleprinter type data)

    The documents were not dated but because so many stations are recorded they would have been issue around 1943-45. The INDEX document explains the grid references used.

    I know of a few places where you can still see traces of the stations and some continued into the cold war and significantly enlarged.

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    Wellcome to WW2Talk, Stan;)!

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    Welcome from another ham.
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    SSRR-1 Strategic Service Transmitter-Receiver
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    Welcome Stan,

    Don't know if you've seen it but the 1970s BBC documentary "The Secret Listeners" is on the East Anglian Film Archive

    Well worth a viewing as it has some great interviews.



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