New CWGC Commemorations 13th May 2017

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    CWGC added the following casualties to the WW2 Civilian War Dead Roll today.

    LOUGHBOROUGH, Ada (Age 24)
    LOUGHBOROUGH, Ellen (Age 50)
    Died 08/05/41
    Reporting Authority: Kingston-upon-Hull, County Borough

  2. DaveB

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    Do you have details on their loss?
  3. alieneyes

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  4. chrisharley9

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    not IFCP cases so I cannot comment other than what is on their CWGC entries.

  5. alieneyes

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    Hi Chris,

    I was looking at the date the Loughborough ladies were lost and saw item 3 in the link "The City Square Incident"

  6. chrisharley9

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    looks like some new documents are available. Shame Hull City Council refuse to help me out with my searches for the missing men who are likely to be buried in their cemeteries.
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  7. Nick Cooper

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    Damn, I wish I'd know this at the time, as it was just when I was finishing my book on the Hull Blitz!

    As to the circumstances of the two women's death, Hull was very heavily bombed on the consecutive nights of 7/8 and 8/9 May 1941, and I'd originally accounted for 393 identified deaths (includes one I subsequently worked out the CWGC has as 5 instead of 8 May 1941 in error). Obviously this makes it 395, although this is short of the council's figure of 420, so I'm in the process of checking for probable service deaths in the raids on top of the five I'd previously identified.

    As per the CWGC details, the Loughborough women lived in Appleby Terrace, St Paul Street. Thirty others were killed in the Terrace or the Street on the 7/8 May, when a surface shelter was hit. All of these were civilians, apart from a locally-deployed RA Gunner, who lived in Appleby Terrace, and was killed along with his parents and younger brother.
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