New BBC WW2 drama, World on Fire

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    I can't understand why this series has been praised to the skies by the professional critics. Probably because they're all as 'woke' as the ludicrous characters and even more ludicrous plot, and know little about history. That said, it's worth watching for some nice performances and scene-setting. Is that working-class terrace street where Sean Bean lives a real place, or just computer-generated? It's very impressive.
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    You hit the nail squarely on the head there, tmac. Everything has to have an agenda now, no matter when or where it is set; it cannot simply “entertain” or educate with those awfully annoying “facts”.

    It appears various scenes were filmed in Manchester and Wigan so I presume the terrace street is genuine. The Dunkirk scenes were filmed at Blackpool and St Annes (they don’t call me Hercule Marple for nothing, you know).

    Where was BBC1's World on Fire filmed?
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    As CL1 says, it keeps WW2 in the mix, at least, and hopefully our yoof will take an interest because of it.
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    Aside from the historian baiting issues, I asn't particuarly enthralling.
    Watched all eight....recount....all seven, the eighth might not be any good..
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