New After the Battle Then and Now Book: Operation Torch

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  1. Orwell1984

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    Just released:

    312 pp

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  2. SteveDee

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    At nearly 13p per page this book seems very expensive...
  3. Harry Ree

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    ATB covered the operation comprehensively recently in No 184

    Interestingly the background is revealed in the US preparations for the landings and their meetings with the Vichy Government elements running North Africa and West Africa French territories.The anti British Admiral Darlan who on the fall of France had wished for a German victory,had been appointed by Vichy as the High Commissioner over the territories.However the appointment was short lived when Darlan was assassinated.Giraud was appointed in Darlan's place which led to the FDR adoption of General Giraud being recognised as the leader to be of the new France although FDR worked a compromise agreeing to both Giraud and CDG being recognised as joint leaders.

    The outcome was a running political sore with CDG opposing the recognition of Giraud, rising to a less than harmonous relationship between CDG and FDR. Giraud proved to be not as politically astute as CDG who emerged as the sole leader of the Free French as Giraud faded from the political scene.
  4. CL1

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    Steve you need to have a look at the After the Battle books they are very good and well worth the money.The research that goes into them is huge.
    I suggest you try to find one in your local library and you will understand what I mean.

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  5. Chris C

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    They are also extremely large full colour volumes. Amazon says the pages are 22.1x30.3cm on my The Desert War Then And Now.
  6. CL1

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    I love them
    sometimes I sit down and surround myself with all mine ( has to be on the ground floor to ensure they do not go over 50 pounds per square foot limit which would cause them to fall through an upstairs floor) and touch and feel the amazing quality and depth of the tomes.

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