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    Navy Field is a massively-multiplayer online tactics game based on naval combat during World War II. The US, Britain, Germany and Japan are all represented along with 95 types of warships.

    NOTE: This game is in Beta! A credit card is NOT required and the game is FREE to play.

    One of the best features of NAVY FIELD is the presence of graphically engineered warships, weapons, fighters, and bombers that actually existed in that era. Players will have the opportunity to see how the actual naval guns, torpedo launchers, Fire Control Systems, and engines looked and operated. Players earn game credits for ships and gain experience points for sailors as they engage in war-like battles.

    NAVY FIELD offers special missions so that beginners can get the feel for commandeering ships and managing a crew before actually participating in battle. Four nations are represented in the game: the US, British, Japan, and Germany. NAVY FIELD has 95 different types of warships including Frigates, Battle Cruisers, and Aircraft carriers and a total of 75 positions for sailors.

    The massive naval battles that involve up to 128 players (64 vs. 64) have to be one of the most impressive features of NAVY FIELD. Players are asked to utilize their cooperative and tactical skills in developing effective strategies with team members to lead overcome the enemy and lead their team to victory. NAVY FIELD offers players the opportunity to enjoy the fun and excitement of intense WWII Naval battles online with ships, aircraft and weapons that emulate the actual hardware used during that era.

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