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    Hi Researchers
    I was wondering if anyone with the Knowledge knows how I can look up my Grandfather Raffaele Paolillo and his brother Lorenzo Paolillo. to see if they took part in WW1 and if so on whose side, or perhaps they were in some camp in the UK as I know for certain that both never naturalized as UK citizens.
    Raffaele was born in Italia, Scala 27/12/1882.
    I know that by 1908 he was living in the UK London the area was known as Holborn/ Finsbury.
    his brother Lorenzo Paolillo (also known as Paulina/Paulino was born Scala, Italia 23/3/1825 again I know he came to the UK so I presume it was at the same time as his brother.

    Thank you
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    Italy was neutral until 23 May 1915 when it declared war on Austria-Hungary. It thereafter fought as an Allied Nation, so assuming they fought your grandfather and his brother would I assume have been on the same side as the British or fighting with the British.
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    Found this 0ne result in 1911 census, may or may not be related.

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    You have Raffaele's dob as 27/12/1882 and Lorenzo's as 23/3/1825, if brothers I think something must be wrong.

    The National Archives may have some relevant documents:
    Search results: paolillo | The National Archives

    Also in HO 215/471 - Britain, Enemy Aliens And Internees, First And Second World Wars Home Office: Internment, General Files, 1940-1951
    Metropole, Isle of Man: nominal roll October 1943 | The National Archives

    This shows
    Metropole Camp 20 Oct 1943
    There is no explanation of the figures in the 3rd column, I assume the 4th is date of birth?
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    There are some documents that relate to your uncle Lorenzo on the website. (This is a paid military site linked to ancestry). They are listed there under both Paolillo & Paslillo. These documents possibly help to explain his transfer to the Hampshire Regiment.

    He is listed on the RAF Muster Roll of 1st April 1918 showing the RAF's strength on its first day of existence, with almost all of the men & women having prev been in the RFC or RNAS as:
    104817 Paslillo L.
    RFC or RNAS Trade Classification: Wrlss Op. Lnr. Rank: Air Mech 3. Date joined: 26.1.17
    RAF Trade Classification: Wrlss Op Lnr. Rank: Private 2
    Terms: Duration of War. Rate of pay: 1s 6d

    However on the adenda to this Roll at the end of its volume two it states:
    104817 Paslillo L. delete entry

    The next possible doc found was an entry in the Courts Martial Register:
    6 May 1918 Pte 3 A.M.L Paolillo RFC held at Blandford trial 16 April
    Charge: desertion & loss of public property, equipment etc
    sentence: 56 days detention

    This seems to fit with the doc posted by Mr Jinks, showing transfer to 3rd Hants effective from 31.3.18 (the last day the RFC existed) & his attachment from army to the RAF during his detention.

    The 3rd Hants were a Reserve Battalion in the UK for men awaiting posting, and as 15th Hants appears on his medal roll and medal card it looks like he served with them in France/Belguim in the later months of the war, where they had been since May 1917.

    Next to his entry is that of another RFC Air Mech 3 H Bloomberg, who receives the same sentence on the same day for the same offences & had been held at Blandford as well. This matches up with the RAF record of 122978 Harry Percy Bloomberg shown as in arrest 28.1.18 to 16.4.18 & then 56 days detention til 10.6.18. However he stays in the RAF & is discharged in October 1918 on medical grounds.
    There is no certainty that they deserted together, and could just be coincidence that they were tried on the same day.

    Fold3 - Historical Military Records

    RAF Service documents for WW1 are also on
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    Thank you for the info,
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    Thank you for this Unfortunately i don't have a fold 3 account :(
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    This one sheet army form B198 is the only document for him in the run of RAF service records. I assume he does not have a full RAF service record, as he was only on attachment to them while he was serving his 56 days detention, and had continuous army service RFC to 3rd Hants to 15th Hants.
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    OK thanks.

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