My Grandad's Regiment: Leonard Thomas Redding

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    Hoping someone can help with some information. I have one photo of my grandad from the army during WW2. he was born and lived in Grimsby, Lincolnshire his name was Leonard Thomas Redding (1907-1980). I cannot find any war records of him on ancestry or any other paid archive services. Just for reference he is top row 5th from the left. Any information or links for further research would be appreciated. David[​IMG]
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    Photo blurred but looks like Royal Artillery cap badge.
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    thank you for taking the time Mark. I will get a copy of his military service. David
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    Thanks for taking the time Owen. This gives me a good lead in my research. David
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    Could this be your grandfather?

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    Close up.
    grim 2.png
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    His second enlistment entry. It would appear that he transferred to the Royal Engineers on 1st January 1943.
    Redding 3.png [
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    I am pretty sure that we have the right man as he is the only Leonard Redding with a Grimsby connection between 1895 and 1930.

    Births Dec 1895 (>99%)
    Redding Leonard Christopher Bramley 9b 341
    Births Mar 1896 (>99%)
    Redding Leonard Frederick Poplar 1c 603
    Births Sep 1907 (>99%)
    Leonard Grimsby 7a 617
    Births Dec 1910 (>99%)
    REDDING Leonard C G Camberwell 1d 879
    Surname First name(s) Mother District Vol Page
    Births Jun 1912 (>99%)

    Redding Leonard Chalkley Edmonton 3a 1426
    Births Dec 1912 (>99%)
    Redding Leonard Redding Lambeth 1d 538
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    Hi There, Thank you for taking the time for me. I am going to get a copy of his military service record. Cheers David
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    Hi There, This is fantastic! It must be my grandad as the dates tie up with my grandad's date of birth, he was born in Grimsby and his service number of 1089466. I am so grateful for this information, the pieces are starting to be put together! Can I ask a few questions please? Where did you get the information from? Can I ask do you know what any of the numbers on the document mean? For example on the first document, the first column? and all of the number in the second transfer document? Also the red pen I think it says "Deemed to be enlisted into RA (Field branch)" Would RA be Royal artillery? Therefore this would be the origin of the initial photo I posted? Finally the first document says he was in the territorial army for 4 years at the age of 18 in 1925, so I presume that would be a local thing in their own town they people did whilst not at work? Or would this be a full time thing? I have been feeding bit of imformation to our family as this is all new to everyone, so thank you so much for taking the time. The time delay for me may be a little strange as I live in Australia.
    I received an email from my oldest uncle, who is 90 years old yesterday, he says his memory is a little vague but he thinks grandad (his dad) served on the Empire Polly boat, which was an ocean-going tug stationed at Bermondsey, London. He said Grandad was an engineer on the vessel. He stayed at the Salvation Army Hostel in Bermondsey during the war. He thinks Grandad held the rank of sergeant in the Royal Engineers for the duration of his war service (But I suspect this was later in the war now as your document says he was transferred Jan 1 1943), having been conscripted from his day job on the tugs as an engineer in Immingham. After the war, the Empire Polly was handed to the LNER, when dad also worked on it in Immingham. Grandad's army number was 1089466. The nearest land point to Mulberry Harbour was at Arromanches, France. Grandad sent dad a postcard from there of the Notre Dame Cathedral.
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    The information came from the Royal Artillery enlistment books that are available on Find My Past, (if you have a subscription).

    Your grandfather enlisted in to the Territorial Royal Artillery on the 27th March 1925 at the age of 18 years and six months, signing up for four years service. He was allocated the service number 761532.

    The Territorial Force, later the Territorial Army, was a reserve force of trained soldiers who could be called to the Colours in the event of a war. They would be required to attend a defined amount of training, drill and an annual camp. They were impolitely referred to as "Saturday Night Soldiers" as they usually had full time employment. They were (and still are) an essential part of our defence capability.

    It would seem that your grandfather, probably because of his Territorial experience, was recalled to the colours in 1940 joining the Royal Artillery for a second time with a new service number. He was transferred to the Royal Engineers in 1943.

    For a more detailed account of his service you will need to apply for his service papers, as you have his service numbers and regimental details, they should be easier for the M.O.D. to locate.

    Good luck with your research.

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    Hi Simon, I really appreciate your detailed response. All of this information is gold to me. I love the Saturday Night soldiers story! David

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