MV Derrycunihy - 24th June 1944

Discussion in 'Recce' started by 43rdrecce, Jun 24, 2012.

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    :poppy: Lest we Forget :poppy:
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    Remembering today, the 75th Anniversary, the loss of the MV Derrycunihy at 0.735 hrs off Sword Beach, Normandy, 24th June 1944.
    The ship triggered an acoustic mine whilst carrying men of the 43rd Reconnaissance Regiment to the Normandy beaches.

    We will remember them.
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    Hi can anyone help me iam after a regiment photo of the 43rd Rec as my grandad was among those lost.
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    There's a photo of 'A' Company on the BBC's WW2 People's War site here ...... it includes personal recollections by Major Desmond Scarr who was one of only 2 members of A Company to survive the sinking. Photo is small but it's something. WW2 43 recce.jpg
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    Thank you would you happen to know were I could get this picture from
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    Paul..... have a look at my previous message and click on the hyperlink (coloured blue and titled "WW2 Peoples War site here") to the BBC page. It's either a case of just copying the image and saving it to you own PC (although I think the resolution is quite low), or contacting the original poster on the BBC site to see if you can get a better copy.
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    ok thanks again you have been a big help
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