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    Afternoon all,

    Just noticed this in another place and thought it might be of interest to somebody out there. Not bad salary for a researcher and it's got be be better than spending your days in an industrial estate on the edge of Slough or somesuch hell hole...


    Museum of the Parachute Regiment & Airborne Forces Trust: Research Assistant – based at AAM Archive at Duxford (£19,500-£23,500, 1 y/c, renewable, initial project period of 2 years). Requirements include: experience of managing historical archives, especially web-based. Advantageous: recent experience in a research archive, library or museum environment & an interest in military history. FD/AF: Stuart Hepton, e.
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  2. Capt.Sensible

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    Another couple of opportunities that some here might find attractive:

    RCAHMS, Edinburgh: Defending the Past Project Manager (£26,200-£33,308, Job Ref. EFTA/02/09) to have particular responsibility for developing & delivering the Defending the Past project which aims to work in and around the military training area of Cape Wrath in North West Sutherland to encourage access, enjoyment & understanding of the built heritage by the local community, & for the local community to share that understanding with visitors to the area & with troops who come to the area to train. Requirements include: a degree, or equivalent experience, in history, archaeology, architectural history or a related subject, as well as experience of developing & delivering education resources & outreach events.
    e., providing full postal address, or T. 0131 662 1456.
    Welcome to RCAHMS - Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland


    The Atomic Weapons Establishment, Aldermaston: Warhead Collections Manager (£33,350-£42,525) to manage research activities associated with AWE’s historical warhead programmes & to manage the on-site collections. Requirements include: a very good understanding of contemporary history, knowledge of IT systems, good written & oral skills, experience in a historical research & artefact management environment & knowledge of the design principles of nuclear warheads. FD/AF: visit the University of Leicester Museum Studies job site at:
    Untitled Document

    :) CS
  3. Drew5233

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    The first one would be a dream for a airborne nut !
  4. Capt.Sensible

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  5. AndyBaldEagle

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    Unfortunately despite being a nut (in the nicest possible way!) I don't have the necessary experience!


    CROONAERT Ipsissimus

    Requirements include: a degree, or equivalent experience

    Seen this phrase before..... what exactly does it mean?:huh:

    I don't have a degree, but I'm pretty sure I've got "equivalent experience" (if it means getting out of my stinkpit at half-past afternoon o'clock after getting wasted down at the SU Bar (again), taking 4 months break every year, working in dead-end jobs for peanuts to keep me in books/beer/fags/rent and pot-noodles, having totally "original" and "profound" thoughts, sayings and style, watching cult TV and repeatedly using crappy catchphrases borrowed from it before, finally, managing to fit 6 months worth of serious study into...2 years (etc, etc) :p)

    giz a job!:lol:

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    I can't help feeling you'd scare the cack out of a Univserity-ite running a post-grad course, or someone looking to employ in the area of 'Conflict' & 'Battlefields' Dave.
    Either that, or please them tremendously...

    Sure you could walk the 'equivalent experience' criteria on that one.
  8. Capt.Sensible

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    In my experiance, employers are perhaps less strict than they might have been years ago regarding experiance or skills that are not formally recognised in an academic sense. If you can show substantial proof of such experiance or skills (publications perhaps or a long-term and recorded committment to a project or learned society) then they are willing to waive the 'graduates only' stipulation. Long-term abuse of Pot-Noodles, is, however, unlikely to be considered a useful experiance....:D

    CROONAERT Ipsissimus

    I can't help feeling you'd scare the cack out of a Univserity-ite running a post-grad course, or someone looking to employ in the area of 'Conflict' & 'Battlefields' Dave.
    Either that, or please them tremendously....

    i might just have to apply for a similar role to these one of these days...just to see which of these scenarios would actually be the case (and if (lack of) qualifications and/or experience don't swing it, then maybe threats and blackmail would do the trick:lol:)

    Long-term abuse of Pot-Noodles, is, however, unlikely to be considered a useful experiance....:biggrin:

    oh well, that's me knackered then!!!:lol:

  10. Capt.Sensible

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    ...and more:
    Royal Air Force Museum: Temporary Gallery Receptionist/Weekend Supervisor – based at Colindale, North-West London (£17,500 p/r, 6 m/c initially but may be extended). FD/AF: contact Mrs P. Shepherd, e.

    or visit
  11. Ron Goldstein

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    Go to the top of the class for posting these positions on the forum, someone might have been glad of the opportunities presented.

    Qualifications can be a drawback but I am reminded that they can sometimes be bypassed.

    About forty odd years ago I found myself, for various boring reasons, looking for a job in factory management.

    I had just the sort of CV that a CEO would have been looking for but there was a big question mark regarding my academic qualifications as I had left school at the age of thirteen (and that's another story)

    I simply filed the "Education" box in my C.V. with "Left school at the age of thirteen but has continued education ever since "

    The short story is I got the job, shortlisted from a hundred other applicants.

    After I had been there a month I asked the person responsible for choosing me why he had opted for someone in his forties over others who were certainly younger and probably a lot "cleverer".

    His reply, which I remember to this day was "We thought at your age you would have made all the mistakes you were likely to make in your job at someone elses expense :)

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    ...the list grows....
    The Royal Armouries: Curator of Tower History - London (£22,469) & Curator of Firearms – Leeds (£22,000-£28,000) .FD/AF: visit
    Home | Royal Armouries
    or T. 0113 2201949, e.

    Royal Engineers Museum, Chatham: Deputy Curator – Interpretation, Development & Operations (£20,815-£27,973, 12 m/c with probable renewal).FD/AF: from the job service at the Museum Studies Department at the University of Leicester, visit
    Untitled Document
  15. Capt.Sensible

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  16. Capt.Sensible

    Capt.Sensible Well-Known Member

    ...and more:
    Eastbourne BC: Museums Officer (£20,652, maternity leave cover up to 1 y/c) to manage the Redoubt Fortress & Military Museum. Requirements include: a proven interest in social history & a degree or equivalent in a related field. FD/AF: visit,

    e., or T. 01323 415110 (24 hrs). CD: 28/9/09.
  17. James Daly

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    If anyones looking for jobs in museums, most positions that actually get advertised to the public appear on either museumjobs, leicester University's museum jobs listings or mod civilian jobs.

    Its a very difficult field to break into, thats for sure...
  18. Capt.Sensible

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    ...and for the fisheads out there...

    National Maritime Museum, London: Caird Senior Research Fellowship - British Naval & Maritime History (Post-doctoral level or equivalent, £20,000 pa, 1 year from October 2010). Also, Caird & Sackler Short-term Fellowships of £1,600 per month, for periods of up to 3 months from October 2010.
    CD: 2/11/09.

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    Too Bloody Old.!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. urqh

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    Ive only just seen this thread...warhead collections uk nuclear research/production aldermaston..great two. three..someone get that two.three..ok who put the red nose on the union jack as for qualifications.. first civie job after a degree? no..experience? forces. ok..Ever use a datascope? No but ive used an oscillascope...ok sounds same.. sign here take white coat and go look important...hah now that ive been trained to do.

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