Mr Frederick J. Cradock, George Cross

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    Not remembered on CWGC.

    I suspect his circumstances don't make him eligible.

    The citation in the London Gazette of 10th September 1943, gives the following particulars:

    An explosion occurred, with the result that a boiler house was filled with scalding steam and water, and a man was trapped in a well between the furnace and the boiler. Cradock, who was on top of the furnace, could have jumped to safety on the side away from the steam, but he refused to do so and, calling for a ladder, turned into the escaping steam and attempted to get down into the well to haul out his workmate. Before he could do so he was overcome and severely scalded. He staggered away from, the steam and at this point could still have jumped to safety but, despite his terrible injuries, he returned to make a second gallant effort to get down into the well.

    He died in making the attempt. Cradock showed outstanding heroism and gave his life in an endeavour to save his workmate.

    What do you think?

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    Not really a war related civilian casualty, so not eligible for CWGC. At the least he was decorated for his bravery.
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    Yeah...Thats what I was thinking, assuming the explosion wasn't a bomb.

    He's only the first one (of 90) not listed of the civilian GC casualties who won the GC during WW2.
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    keep them coming & we will see what can be done about any that are missing off CWGC


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