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  1. MongoUK

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    Morning all,

    Does anyone happen to have copies of:
    WO 175/1343 - War Office: Allied Forces, North Africa (British Element): War Diaries, Second World War. MOVEMENT CONTROL. - M.C. Algiers District - 1943 May
    WO 169/9073 - War Office: British Forces, Middle East: War Diaries, Second World War. AREAS. Algiers. Areas: Movement Control Algiers District Areas: Movement Control Algiers District. - 1943 Oct.- Dec.

    Any ideas on content?

    Grandad arrived into Algiers on 05/03/1943 and moved back for a non-noted destination around 26/10/1943. Just wondering if there was anything interesting in the files?

  2. geordie809

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    Im the Historical Secretary of the Movement Control Association and came across this post as I was researching another soldier who served with Movement Control, unfortunately I don't have access to either of the War Diaries mentioned but Im interested in your Grandads details as I would like to include his details in our Movement Control database to help us build a picture of who served where and when and to enable us to help family members with their research.

    Please DM me if you require more details as I say I am unable to help with these diaries although there are a few people on the forum who go to Kew on a regular basis to photograph diaries on request for a small sum.

    best Regards

  3. MongoUK

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    Hi Mick,

    Thanks for the reply, my granddad wasn't with MC, but was trying to gather information on his movements.

    He left from Algiers in November 1943, to somewhere else on the med. I was curious as to what details would have been included in the war diairies.

  4. geordie809

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    To be honest they are a hit and miss, some will have just the nominal rolls of officers and some will have a pepper diary of what happened that day, but as for having individual soldiers names and their destinations after leaving Algiers, you would be extremely lucky especially if he wasn’t an officer.

    That diary is on my list to get so if I do get a copy I will let you know the results


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