Mjr John Vincent Cheslyn-Hall (151884) Royal Artillery POW Camp 42 Commandant

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    I wonder if any forum member can shed any light on the above individual - appointed commandant of Pow Camp 42 (Exhibition Field, Holsworthy) in c.June 1945 -

    Born Wandsworth 1915 and married Wandsworthy 1939

    Attested Royal Artillery in 1934 (No 839732)
    Emergency Commission (151884), Captain 1 December 1941

    War-time career appears to have been with Light AA and searchlight units, all within the UK

    Appointed Commandant PoW Camp 42 c.June 1945, replaced c.July 1946.

    1948, living at Lovedale, Ewhurst Road, Cranleigh, Surrey - employed as a wood cutter and sawyer by Round Timber Supply Co.

    With 598 Light AA Regt in 1952 (charged with being drunk on duty but exonerated).

    Can anyone add anything further or, does anyone have a photograph of this individual? I would be so so grateful for any help.


    Thanks in advance guys!

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