Missing WW2 Soldier's Remains Returned to Loving Widow

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    Missing WW2 Soldier's Remains Returned to Loving Widow

    World World ll widow Catherine Tauer this week received something she had longed for for seven decades.

    The remains of the love of her life, Army Staff Sgt. Gerald “Jerry” Jacobsen were returned to her in Minnesota this week after years of resting under a nameless cross in France.

    “This is such a lift to my heart,” said Tauer, 94. “It’s wonderful to have him home.”

    Tauer and Jacobsen were married in 1943. Jacobsen was 27 when he went missing in action in 1944, and was declared dead a year later.

    Every morning Tauer greeted a picture of her husband beside her bedside table, all while searching for his remains to no avail.

    “He was just so good to me. No one could ever take his place.”

    Amateur historian Roberta Russo matched a report of a U.S. soldier buried in France to Jacobsen's records, which led to him being brought home. Jacobsen's nephew Brad Jacobsen led the effort to find his body.

    Jacobsen was honored with a military funeral and will rest in Fort Snelling National Cemetery. His widow was presented with his medals including a Bronze Star and Purple Heart.

    “I have so much to tell him,” his widow said. “I’ll tell him how lonesome I’ve been. … I’ll tell him I love him.”
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    Rather a moving tale.

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