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    Good morning,
    I'll show you some interesting object related to the WW2, found with the metal detector. Eventually I'll update this thread with more photoes. I start with a 25 pdr british ammunition (not exploded!!! even if without the fuze and the driving band) and a lot of caps of the 117 fuze tipical of the 25 pounder. All this object were found under the ground of an artillery camp near to Ortona, where there has been a very hot battle during the WW2. It is very interesting that the fuze was probabily never mounted (faulty?) or unscrewed by civil popolation to take away in safety the driving band: after the war, the copper alloy and the alluminium were very useful in a Country where many people no longer had a home!
    P.S. The 25 pounder projectile was reported to the local police station, in Italy it is forbidden the detenction of war guns, explosives etc. DSC_0075.jpg DSC_0076.jpg DSC_0077.jpg DSC_0078_0.jpg s.jpg
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    Yes, I know. I didn't move it to my home. I just called the police and they signaled it to the military competent. I've used the verb "report", I don't know if it even means "carry", but I didn't intended it.
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    :lol::lol: I am imagining the reaction at the Police station IF you had carried it there

    the correct verb was use Tooth 10/10

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    TD, you've dropped a 'D' from the past tense ! :) 6/10 for that one !
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    In fact, I had to read the post more and more :D, then I used the translator because I understood that the correct verbe was "use". Sorry! :rolleyes:
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    Ah well - learning French you learn to always miss the last letter - you know Paris is spelt 'Paris', its written 'Paris' but when spoken it is 'Pari' - so I now often leav th las lette of my word :-P

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    17th field regiment RCA (5th CAD) were positioned in front of Ortona along with many others including British and Indian and Polish. Ortona itself was a first Canadian infantry division battle field supported by gunners of the 5th Canadian Armoured division
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    I am very interested in your finds! Keep it coming.

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