Middlesex Reg in Burma S.O.C.A II.????????

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  1. white1

    white1 Discharged

    Hello to you all.
    Looking for any details regarding the movements of the Middlesex Reg in Burma during WWII
    My granddad father served out there and would love to know more about his and the units movement.
    He was a major and a deputy custodian at the time. I have a picture of his office door plaque, though can anyone explain what S.O.C.A II means.

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  2. hutchie

    hutchie Dont tell him Pike!!

    there was alot of middlesex regiments during ww2, you happen to know his regiment number?
  3. sol

    sol Very Senior Member

    There was only one Middlesex Regiment which had many battalions and none of these served in Burma during the ww2, at least not as infantry unit (or in any other role, I think). But he could easily served in any other unit there.

    White1 is the group photo of 95 Party, 3rd Training Battalion Royal Engineers on the shelf also connected with your grandfather? Is there any badge on the beret on the portrait photo?
  4. Charpoy Chindit

    Charpoy Chindit Junior Member

    Staff Officer, Civil Affairs, Grade Two.

    No Middlesex battalions in Burma, I'm afraid.
  5. smadge

    smadge New Member

    My granddad was in the Middlesex Regiment at the beginning of the war. I'll have to check with my aunt, but I don't think he changed regiments and he was definitely in Burma in 1945-6
  6. Charpoy Chindit

    Charpoy Chindit Junior Member

    Not in the Middlesex Regiment, he wasn't.

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