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    I am trying to identify the 6 ships from Convoy KMS7G which transported the 24th Res MT Companies (later 347 GT Company) vehicles and equipment from the Clyde to Algiers in January 1943.

    The Company War Diary quotes the ships only as H111, H114, H116, H117, H120 & H121 but unfortunately does not provide any names. I do have the names of the 23 ships from the convoy which docked in Algiers but have been unable to narrow it down any further.

    My Fathers unit later moved to Italy and whilst he travelled in LCI (L)103, their vehicles and equipment travelled in Convoy AH4, the War Diary this time noting the vessels as being HH23 - SS Jacob H Gallinger and HH25 - SS Fridtjof Nansen.
    This numbering is further emphasized by an extract from my Uncles 93 Squadron ORB which states only that the Squadron personnel travelled in ship P114. I know from talking to him that he travelled aboard the SS Bergensfjord in Convoy KMF3 whose cruising position was 23 (taken from Convoyweb) so what is P114?

    Can anyone shed any light on this numbering system?

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