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    A Friends Father was mentioned in despatches in Italy on 8/11 /1943 he served with The Buffs he died at Monte Cassino on 23/03/1944 where could we find information on what he had done
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    Unfortunately you are unlikely to find the details of the MiD, there were no citations and the best you can hope for is a mention in the war diaries. As has been mentioned on this site numerous times there is only one place to start researching a soldier's service and that is to get hold of this service records.
    Get a copy of military service records
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    There are two soldiers buried at Cassino.,-anthony/,-john-oliver/

    The 5th Bn Buffs (Royal East Kent) Regiment served with 36 Infantry Brigade, 78th (Battleaxe) Infantry Division. One of the best books to read is “Algiers to Austria, A history of 78 Division in the second world war” by Cyril Ray.

    There are posts on this site with more information.
    i.e. East Kent Regt (Buffs) in Italy 1944

    Edit: On 8 Nov 1943, 78 Division were on the Adriatic coast of Italy, around the Vasto / Casalbordino area. Vasto

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    You could try the local newspaper for a mention of the award or an obituary that might mention it.


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