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  1. Jimmy123

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    Hello guys,

    Was wondering if anyone could please help.

    I have some medals to couple of people, problem is that they've been mixed up and I've no idea which ones go with each person!

    The only one I have service record for served....

    Ruby: June 1939 to Feb 1940
    Matador W.T. June 1940 to Oct 1941
    Lanka Oct 1941 to July 1943
    Kedah July 1943 to sep 1943
    Minos Nov 1943 to Oct 1945

    Can anyone let me know from the above what WW2 medals he would have been entitled please. If I know that then I know the others will be to the man I don't have a service record for. Know its a long shot and any help would be very much appreciated

  2. Hugh MacLean

    Hugh MacLean Senior Member

    Hi Jimmy,
    Can you post the relevant document please for context? It is really difficult to give medal advice on RN records due to the way the RN recorded service. Not all ships shown will be actual sea-going for example MINOS, LANKA also it would be helpful to know his rank/rating.
  3. Jimmy123

    Jimmy123 Member

    Many thanks Hugh, yes that makes sense.


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  4. Hugh MacLean

    Hugh MacLean Senior Member

    It is quite difficult to speculate for the reasons I have already given. Also, it appears he was at MINOS for two years 1943-45 and it is possible that during that time period he could have been 'Lent' i.e., drafted for short spells aboard warships. Naval records are not the best and frequently miss out such information. I would suggest you contact the MOD and ask for his Pay and Victualing Leder which may or may not give you more information. You may also wish to ask them if there is any notice of which medals were issued to him.

    I presume you have seen this link for WWI: WW1 group of 3 inc LS & GC to the Royal Navy. Chappell.
  5. Jimmy123

    Jimmy123 Member

    Thankyou Hugh I shall do that

    I appreciate you looking for me


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