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    If someone after the war was awarded the 1939-1945 Star, the France & Germany Star, the War Medal and the Defense Medal, what medal bars would he be wearing on his BD just before May 8th, 1945? Or maybe none at all? Original photos to illustrate this would also be much appreciated!
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    This snap, taken in Trieste shortly after the end of the war is the only one I can find with a "reasonable" medal bar.

    I've also checked my Army Records and think it shows that by that time we had been issued with the following ribbons:
    Africa Star, Italy Star & 39-45 Star leaving the Defense & "Victory" Medals still to be sent after I was released

    If anyone has the energy they can check all my records which are in my Photo Gallery, all 17 pages of them !
    Ron's Army Records | WW2Talk :)


    1945-015 1945 Trieste View from steps.jpg
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    Just found another pic showing a medal bar ! mine sweper.jpg
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    My father was awarded the same medals and in a photo taken in Hamburg, (if I remember correctly, in June of 1945, when his Irish Guards battalion sent an honour guard for Zhukov) there are no medal ribbons.

    If any unit would be a stickler about dressing per Regs it'd be a Guards one.
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    My young father - aged 25 in late 1945....Italy, Africa (1st Army) and 39/45 stars, I Villach.

    Actually posting the picture is just giving me an excuse to wish him the very best on his 99th birthday doubt he's enjoying a dance with Mum as I write...(1146pm local time)....

    Dad0005 (2)a.jpg
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    Hello Richard,

    Congratulations to your young dad! Bars from left to right look like 1939-1945, Africa and Italy stars and Defence medal. Suppose he later also was awarded the War Medal?

    Cheers, Ronald.
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    Many thanks to all of you, also for some great pictures!
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    Yes - it was the 5th one of the set...also clarifying that the Africa Star had the 1st Army clasp and there was an MiD in the mix as well... my Mum and Dad are dancing in heaven, of course...
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    Apologies! As you had gathered I hadn't understood correctly. I certainly hope they are happy and together again over there!
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