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    It would, on occasions, be useful to edit the first post of a thread so that such a 'mini textbook' could be a sort of one stop shop for a topic and which consequently could be updated as new information becomes available. This could be more useful, for example, than having to trawl through sometimes pages of posts just to get the snippet of information required. I feel this could be especially helpful to new members or those who are 'passing by' in their quest for information. I am, of course, aware that all posts can be edited and that there is a maximum of 30 posts per page of posts when viewing a thread and that there is a maximum amount of (image) data that can be uploaded at one time (or at least that's my understanding).

    1. What is the maximum size of post allowed?
    a. Length
    b. Number/data size of images
    2. Does the Forum have a better way of achieving the same end result - a sort of Forum mini Textbook section?

    Apologies to Forum Administrators if the answer to my question is hiding in plain view!

  2. von Poop

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    Maximum characters per post is currently unlimited.
    Maximum number of images per post also unlimited (which is daft as it can really slow page loads. Must look into that. Opened it up to preserve some old threads and never looked into a neater solution),
    Maximum basic file size per image is 2mb, with a more severe overall limit per post, though I'm on a phone at the mo and can't find the exact limit.

    If people need to do massive posts, such as guides or completed fruits of their researches, I would personally nudge them towards the Resource Manager.
    Resources | WW2Talk

    Basically a download system for bigger files.
    Adding something there creates an associated thread for discussion, I'm very happy to raise file sizes to generous levels whenever someone has something genuinely useful to share, and I can add most file formats as the need arises.
  3. SDP

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    Thanks Adam.

    Supplementary question if I may. How do people generally find out about the Resource part of the site?....does any modification/edit (assuming that's possible) to the 'resource' get flagged anywhere, for example on the 'New posts' or 'recent posts' tabs?

    Starting a new thread seems to be the best way forward for what I currently plan but I take on board your comments about what is generally the manageability of the thing. I'm reminded of the 'medals' thread....but can't remember whether it is a Resource or a standard 'thread'. I'll look it up!

    Thanks for your help. Appreciated.
  4. von Poop

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    To be honest, we're still learning how the Resource Manager works.
    There is an update/revision/version system built in, tools for joint editing etc., but i don't know if anyone's really got them squared away. (Though I wouldn't be surprised if D has a better grasp than most.)

    Google's got the ability to peek into. Pdfs etc. stored on the web, but we're not convinced it's doing so here, and haven't yet worked out how/if you can allow that to happen, though titles, tags and associated threads will all register with search engines as per usual.
  5. SDP

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    Thanks again Adam. Looks like work in progress but should be an excellent resource eventually.
  6. von Poop

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    It's all open and I invite people to have a play with it.
    Suspect it's a really good system, but people are going to have to start using it to conquer that learning curve and gradually tweak settings.
  7. dbf

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    Hi Steve,
    Research | WW2Talk
    WW2Talk Resource Manager - new uploads/updates.

    If someone posts a Resource there is an automatic update via the forum itself, i.e. under the forum's Research sub (WW2Talk Resource Manager - new uploads/updates), which will also show as listed on the New Content/ Recent Posts, New Posts.

    Select any Resource and you can then find the 'Discussion' tab, which allows others to post comments should they feel inclined: just like a thread.
    NY Times WW2 Dates & Events

    Medals thread, (Campaign that is?), is a s'ticky' thread under Service Records
    WW2 Campaign Stars & Medals info thread

    My test pdf content under Resources still isn't showing up via any search engines which is the concern VP mentioned. But then again the settings may be for member download only. Threads/text are open to public as per the norm, however any attachments are viewable only to 'logged on' members. So I guess it's all a matter of how folks want to share their info, and with whom.

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