Massacre of Glencoe 1692

Discussion in 'The Barracks' started by HA96, Feb 13, 2019.

  1. HA96

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    Today, 327 years ago, about 30 MacDonalds were killed for what seems today like peanuts.

    Do we have any Mac Donalds in WW2 talk?

    When we were up there in April this year, the story was still very present

  2. CL1

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  3. von Poop

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  4. Rich Payne

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    I thought that we weren't allowed to 'do' modern politics ? For the Scots and the Irish, and any random colonial descended from them, anything dating from the last thousand years and involving the 'English' is 'modern', current and a perfectly justified source of resentment that colours current political judgment.
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  5. CL1

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  6. HA96

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    Thank you Adam,

    to a non-Brit like me, Truth or Spin was absolutely new, but very interesting. In these days in time, we get upset if a letter is not received within a couple of days or an E-Mail does not get answered within 24hours.
  7. Steve Mac

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    I am a MacDonald. There are many branches to Clan Donald and my own is, I believe, the second largest: Clan MacDonald of Clanranald.

    Clan Macdonald of Clanranald - Wikipedia

    The Campbell’s are not to be trusted and should be fed solely on their own soup. :D

    If anyone else looking in is Clanranald you should take a trip to a Boisdales, which is owned by the Clan Chief. A great venue and if you let them know that you are Clan, they look after you. BOISDALE OF BELGRAVIA - RESTAURANT, BARS & TERRACE | DesignMyNight Even if you are not Clan, it’s a good night out.

    By the way, I am English.


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  8. Owen

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    Would that really be 327 years ago today ?
    As that would have been when they used the Julian Calendar & use of the Gregorian calendar in GB wasn't until 1752.
    The Gregorian Calendar
    I'm a tad confused about the changing of the calendar.
    25th March used to be New Year's Day
    January 1 - Wikipedia

  9. von Poop

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    You had to go & mention the Gregorian & Julian calendars, didn't you.


    Wise people never mention the calendar change.
    Mind-bending stuff.

    There's an archaeological thing going on in the Glencoe area, or was last year.
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  10. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery Patron

    Dont mention the Low Lands civil war

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  11. TTH

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    Any group which hangs on to grudges for that long is in need of collective psychotherapy.
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  12. Tricky Dicky

    Tricky Dicky Don'tre member

    What Lowlands civil war -- oh bugger I've mentioned it :blush::whistle:

  13. anned

    anned Junior Member

    I'm a Donald, and I agree about the soup!
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  14. CornwallPhil

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    John Preeble's "Glencoe" is a good account of events long ago.

    I also have memories of sitting on a hard chair in Corpach Village Hall watching a 16mm film they played on a projector for the tourists. It was a dramatization of the story but passed an evening away from the midges!
  15. KevinBattle

    KevinBattle Senior Member

    Lady Day (March 25th) USED to be New Years Day until the calendar changed to Gregorian.
    (Lady Day as that links to the conception of Jesus, to be born 9 months later on Dec 25th)
    The Catholic faith also celebrates the Immaculate Conception on 6th December - NOT of Jesus (quick work!) but of Mary, so as to be an "unsullied" vessel to bear the Christ child.....

    And you can still trace the "old" New Year as that was the date taxes were due, so 11 days on from 25th March = 6th April, the new Tax Year....

    Back on topic - passing Glencoe many years ago, it always seem a forbidding heavy atmosphere place, much like Culloden.
  16. Hugh MacLean

    Hugh MacLean Senior Member

    Lucky or unlucky to live and work in the region - when the sun shines it's breathtaking, when it's bad weather it can be a dark and gloomy place.
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  17. Old Git

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    I grew up in Northern Ireland, I went through the 'troubles' and saw, and experienced, some shit you wouldn't believe. I have family on all sides of the political divide, all of whom have their own tales to tell. I don't blame the English for anything, not even history!

    Back in the 70's I lived for a short while in a tiny village in Caithness. It had one local shop which kept a sign in the door: "No Hawkers, No Traders and definitely NO CAMPBELLS!" I was told it was not an unusual sign to see, but every time I saw it I thought to myself, "Christ, Northern Ireland's got nothing on this place!"
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  18. Hugh MacLean

    Hugh MacLean Senior Member

    They had the same sign at the Kingshouse Hotel in Glencoe. It really was just for the tourists. :D
  19. CL1

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    Spot on mate we have to move on and stop blaming the Brits for history build a bridge ( A Bailey bridge) and get over it
  20. dbf

    dbf Moderatrix MOD

    Nah it's still early days: they've only been talking about it for 130 yrs.
    Bridging the gap from NI to Scotland

    Some folks in NI have moved on. Why only the other year I saw graffiti imploring the reader to Remember 1960.
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