Major John Alfred Harrison, The Parachute Regiment (1943+): new title, new appeal

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    I have now learnt that John Alfred Harrison was on parachute course 99, which lasted from the 19th January until the 3rd February 1944. It was noted that he was a "Good Parachutist. Keen, reliable and diligent". He was a Lieutenant at the time of his course and upon successful completion, was posted to Airborne Forces Holding Unit before being transferred to 1 PARA ITC.

    Would "1 Para ITC" have been for 1st Parachute Brigade or 1st Parachute Battalion, or something else?
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    Okay, I have now realised that "1 Para ITC" referred to No.1 Parachute Regiment Infantry Training Centre (ITC).
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    AFHU was at Clay Cross by the way.


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