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    Major Basil Minor is buried in the Knightsbridge Cemetery, Acroma. He died on the 4th June 1942 aged 28. Has anyone got any info on which Unit he was serving with?


    Paul J
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    Not much help, but here are entries for his M.B.E.

    9 July 1940
    Captain Basil Minor, Royal Corps of Signals, Territorial Army
    Name Minor, B
    Rank: Captain
    Regiment: 50 Division Signals
    Theatre of Combat or Operation: British Expeditionary Force 1939-40
    Award: Member of the British Empire
    Date of Announcement in London Gazette: 11 July 1940
    Date 1940
    Catalogue reference WO 373/75
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    I suspect the RCS Museum maybe able to help if he was awarded a MBE.

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    Thanks for taking the time to reply. This is a great help and will assist me in narrowing down the search.

    Kind Regards

    Paul J
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    Let us know how you get on with the Museum Paul.

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    From dbf's post #2

    50th Northumbrian Divisional Signals based in Hull. This was a Territorial Army Unit. In 1939 it was based in Darlington. In 1939 it was split into 50 and 23 Divisional Signals.

    23rd (Northumbrian) Infantry Division Signals - 9.1939 in UK, 10.1939-BEF/Labour, 6.1940 Unit Disbanded.

    50th (Northumbrian) Infantry Division Signals - 9.1939 in UK, 1.1940-BEF, 6.1940 in UK, 6.1941 in Middle East, 7.1943 in Sciliy/Italy, 11.1943 in UK, 6.1944 in North West Europe, 12.1944 in UK, 5.1945 in Norway.

    The Royal Corps Of Signals-Unit Histories of the Corps.
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    Some back ground info on his unit:


    The Royal Corps of Signals by Nadler
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    Here is his MBE:

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  10. Drew5233

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    The Royal Corps of Signals Unit Histories of the Corps 1920-2001
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  12. From War Diary 4 June 1942:

    "The unit suffered a great loss in the death of Major Basil Minor, M.B.E. in 149 Field Ambulance resulting from shell wounds received earlier in the day.
    At the time of his death Major Minor was Second in Command and O.C. No 1 Coy.
    He had served with the unit since 1933"

    A poignant what if comes from two entries in September 1941;

    17 September Major Minor posted to East African Signals w.e.f. 1/10/41
    26 September posting cancelled.
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    Hello all, I'm the Unit history Officer for 50 (N) Signal Squadron still based in Darlington and descended from 50 (N) Signal Regiment.

    The information I have on Major Basil Minor is as follows and he appears to have been an Officer greatly respected and of great character:

    (Date sometime before 1935) "B Section (Cable), No.1 Company (Darlington), Commanded by Lieut. Basil Minor. Role: To lay telephone (and telegraph) cable between Divisional Headquarters (Main and Rear) and Headquaters of Infantry Brigades and other Divisional Troops. This section was equipped with two Cable Wagons (originally designed to be drawn by a team of horse but by 1935 drawn as trailers by 3-ton lorries) from which D8 cable (signal or twisted) could be laid from."

    1933 - "We went to Camp at Ripon where Colonel George Walton decided all Officers would play golf for his cup. This was a bit of a shaker for many! The Colonel was a first class golfer who had invited me to play with him. We were standing on the first tee ready to start when we saw a forlorn figure walking up the first fairway towards to gold house. It turned out to be a subaltern - Basil Minor. "Hello Basil" said the Colonel, "and where might you be going?". "To buy some golf balls sir", replied Basil. "Why didn't you take a sufficient supply with you?" "Well sir, I thought I had but I have lost nine on the first hole!". Even the Colonel hadn't an answer for that one. Basil completed the course in complete darkness, tired and worn, with a score of about 160!"

    1935 Lt Basil Minor took 8 soldiers down to London and lined the route of the procession to Westminster Abbey for King George V Silver Jubilee.

    Served with BEF, awarded MBE.

    Blandford, Dorset 1940 - Major (Acting) Minor OC No1 Company.

    HQ and No1 Company of the Divisional Signals travelled on HMS Almanzora of the old Royal Mail Steam Packet Company (renamed Troopship F18) to Middle East. Likely that Major Minor travelled on this ship.

    "In the midst of this quiet period we suffered a dreadful loss. One afternoon a mobile battery of medium artillery drove up behind our lines, let of a few rounds and cleared off, followed by a few ranging shots from the enemy. Barry McVicker, the Adjutant, had walked over to speak to Basil Minor, who was resting in his tent, when one of the enemy shells landed almost on top of the tent. Barry was blown yards away but miraculously escaped serious damage, but poor Basil was terribly injured and died after putting up a terrific fight for a couple of days or so. I would class Basil as a born soldier. He obviously loved being one and was a first class officer in every way, a fact which was noted at GHQ as I learned later."

    Battle of Arras - Basil Minor (OC Cable section)

    Memorial for all ranks of 50 (N) Signal Regiment killed in WW2 located in St Cuthbert's Parish Church, Darlington.

    1951 Mrs Minor (Mother of Maj. Minor) and her grand-daughter (Basil Minor's daughter born after her father's departure to the Middle East and therefore never met her father) presents four silver trumpets to the Regiment in memorial of the death of her son.
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    I have more information on his actions with the BEF. Do you mind me asking why you're researching his military record?
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    These are a couple of photos of Major Minor from around 1936. I believe the sketch is him also judging by the photos identified by Mel Snr.

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    Dear All,

    I've recently started researching my family history as it relates to the armed forces.

    Major Basil Minor was the elder brother of my grandfather, Roger Minor. My father was born 7 months after Major Basil Minor was killed and was christened Basil in his memory.

    Thank you all for doing so much work to reveal the person behind the name and for posting the pictures of him. My father has the same ears :)

    SignalsJimmy, if you are still active on this board, is there any more information I can access regarding Major Basil Minor? For example, I note that your comment on 30th July 2012 read "...1951 Mrs Minor (Mother of Maj. Minor) and her grand-daughter (Basil Minor's daughter born after her father's departure to the Middle East and therefore never met her father) presents four silver trumpets to the Regiment in memorial of the death of her son."

    This suggests that a picture exists of my great-grandmother with Patricia, Basil's daughter. Is it possible to get hold of that picture?

    Kind regards and thanks again for all your efforts.

    Andrew Minor
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