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    Dear All,

    My friend is lucky enough to have a M8 Greyhound, but instead of having it in US markings was looking to put his into British, I have looked on the internet and a few reference books, that mention about the 2nd Derbyshire Yeomanry,40 RTR and 12th Royal Lancer, using them. especially in the desert and Italy.

    I have found a very blurry picture of one in British use driving from Italy into Austria, but nothing further.

    I have found reference to the 2nd Derbyshire Yeomanry using them in NW Europe when they were the Recce for the 51 Highland Div, but apart from the usual Humber's and Dingos' no M8 Greyhounds, in any pictures.

    Can anyone help and confirm if any British Units used the M8 in NW Europe and do they have any photo's.

    Best regards

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    Greyhounds are somewhat elusive. They were delivered to the British but do not seem to have seen any combat service. I do not think any were used in NW Europe proper. Although some were issued to the 2nd Derbyshire Yeomanry this was at the very end of the war in Austria, probably from stocks held in Italy.

    Some were issued to units in Italy but were not cleared for combat because of several perceived shortcomings. It was thought that the thin under body armour left them vulnerable to mines. When add on belly armour was produced in Britain and shipped to Italy it was thought that the springs needed reinforcement. There were also concerns about the thin armour and difficulty in reversing. The war seems to have ended without any seeing combat in British service.

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    The Greyhound saw limited usage with the Royal Canadian Dragoons, the Armoured Car Regiment of the 1st Canadian Corps. The RCDs received six Greyhounds in December 1944. They were used by their RHQ.

    An RCD veteran referred to these vehicles as "Buckshee-vehicles" meaning that they had them but that they were not officially on the establishment list. One report suggest that the regiment requisitioned 6 Staghounds but the Ordnance Depot only had the Greyhounds so they were taken 'in lieu'

    greyhound.jpg greyhound1.jpg
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    Interesting. I had overlooked the Canadian units transferring to NW Europe from Italy. They did bring some vehicles that were otherwise unknown in 21 Army Group. Possibly those British units which received Greyhounds in Italy may have used them as HQ vehicles.

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    These are a few pictures I found, the top one is from 6Tp 56 Recce as they are entering Austria from Greece, the other two I am not sure, but in one the crew are wearing Battledress and Leather Tunics, the other clearly shows a British Vehicle Registration number on its side.

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    The third photo has a British crew as you say. This is in Vienna.

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    Let's not be forgetting the colonials!
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    Salute the the entire thread. Great stuff.
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