Lumberjack Day

Discussion in 'The Barracks' started by canuck, Sep 30, 2019.

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    Exactly! ;)
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    what's the problem?
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    I could defrost them... :-P
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    Just a story from way back, but this guy I’m going to mention - Colin White - was my games (sports) teacher at school. A hard bastard; and I mean the latter in a very good good way.

    I grew up in a big footy (or ‘soccer’) playing area and I was a soccer player; I was quite good but not great.

    When I turned-up at senior school and at my first games lesson, there was this bloke stood in front of us; ‘Sgt Major’ Colin White. He bellowed out; Are you lads all soccer players? Chorus of ‘Yes, Sir’. I’m not having any namby pamby soccer players at this school, we’re playing rugby. That was it, we played rugby (and no footy), me as a poor blindside flanker.

    Well, it turns out this guy played for Gosforth, North of England and England. Gosforth is now called ‘Newcastle Falcons’, who Johnny Wilkinson played for in his prime. I heard that Colin played for North of England and England against the All Blacks in his prime, but I don’t know if that is right. He did have 4 England caps. You may ask what this has to do with this thread apart from we now have the Rugby World Cup 2019 taking place.

    Well, Colin gave up teaching. Instead he set up an arborist business. He was a tree surgeon (or lumberjack) and spent a lot of time working for the forestry commission up in Kielder Forest, some of which is part of a national park here in the UK, but is probably equal to someone’s back-yard in Canada: Kielder Forest - Wikipedia

    Whilst working up in Kielder and alone, Colin had a chain saw accident. He chopped-off a couple of fingers. He drove all the way from Kielder to Newcastle (probably an hour or more) and presented himself at accident and emergency. He was asked what he’d done with the missing fingers and he said he’d left them at Kielder. Oops. He left A&E and drove all the way back to Kielder, picked-up his fingers and then drove back to A&E, presenting his missing fingers. So this is about 4 or more hours after his accident.

    His fingers could not be saved.

    He went on to represent England as a rugby payer minus his two missing fingers. I don’t believe anyone else has done that. He is a real hero.

    Colin White (Deceased): Gosforth front row hero Colin White dies

    The link suggests he was also SAS, or similar...


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    A friend of mine dropped a medium sized hickory for firewood. After it fell he was straddling it and cutting off the limbs with his chain saw. It was in a brushey area

    The next thing he remembers is regaining consciousness laying on the ground next to the hickory and the still running chainsaw.
    What he thought was a limb was a smaller tree that had been bent over by the falling hickory. It smacked him in the head when he cut it.

    No lasting damage.
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    Between a now nearly completely deaf blacksmith mate & this lucky bastard's sensible chap's picture that did the rounds:


    I have finally learnt to, if possible, just take 5 seconds to put on the sodding PPE.

    Anyone that takes the piss can do one, with prejudice.
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    Bit Soft. At my school soccer wasn't even mentioned - it was the sport that dared not say its name. It was RU in the winter and cricket in the summer. I was a loose head prop .In the assembly hall there was a plaque on the left had side that commemorated old boys who had sacrificed for King and Country and on the right a board for OBs who had achieved outstanding academic awards and writ large in the centre - England caps (one of my 6th form classmates later achieved a Scottish cap which I'm given to understand caused significant controversy - worse than an OB getting the Iron Cross or the Oder of Lenin) I was not a brilliant loose head and suffered from extreme hay fever in the summer so took up swimming which gave rise to some ridicule until I achieved all the Royal Life Saving Societies qualifications and was allowed to be the only prefect not in the first 15.
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    Probably... New school and so no OB’s. I was in the first year that went through all 5 years to upper sixth. I only started seriously representing the school at rugby when in the sixth form. Ended up playing for a team that is now in the Rugby Championship (not Newcastle Falcons), but wasn’t when I played for them; it was two leagues below national league status back then. I played No 8 mainly. It was all a long time ago. I now watch the game (only).

    Getting back on theme. I’ve got an axe, a log splitter and a chain saw. The latter frightens the life out of me, so it only gets to breathe fresh air once a year when I need to feed the two big log bins in the garden. It’s approaching that time now; urgghhh!
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