LT. S.T. Onslow HMS Vengeance

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    I was able to purchase what I think is a very hard to find type of British grouping. LT. Onslow was an observer on a Barracuda and he eventually moves on to Fireflies. The grouping comes with his original medals and checklist still in the original package. It also includes about 140 photos from an album and also one studio portrait. For my collection it is the first British airman and I am looking forward to doing some research on his background. Always welcome to hear feedback and comments.
    British 1.JPG Log1.JPG log2.JPG Photo1.JPG Photo2.JPG Photo3.JPG Photo4.JPG Photo5.JPG Photo6.JPG Photo7.JPG
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    Many thanks. I am looking forward in researching Mr. Onslow (ty Tricky Dicky) and any extra information is always welcomed
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    I should research Mr Onslow first :rolleyes::unsure:


    Forgot to add - that looks like a great collection you have found - well done
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    What a brilliant collection - hope we will see more.
    Just in case you don't know the photo shows him as a Sub Lieutenant Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve (Air). The emblem on his left sleeve is his Observer's Wings.

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    Sometimes these auto corrects are the death of me!
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    You will find some background about HMS Vengeance and 812 Squadron in 1945 here

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    Many thanks. I must admit this grouping is very exciting to me since I knew very little about this part of the war. I think I am going to have to do some reading to educate myself a bit more.

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