Lt. Ronald Bishop Grey and Private Horace Hubert Leach POWs

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    Hello everybody,

    Pte. Leach, 7 OBLI, died in Rieti, Italy in a German hospital whilst a POW on 24 February 1944.

    Lt. Grey, 1 Derbyshire Yeomanry, also died in Rieti in a German hospital whilst a POW - probably the same one - on 6 June 1944.

    Lt Grey, originally listed as an unknown, was concentrated into Assisi War Cemetery and Pte. Leach into Bolsena War Cemetery.

    Does anyone have the missing men reports for either 1 Derbyshire Yeomanry or 7 OBLI as I would like to know where these two men were taken prisoner.

    Thanks in anticipation,

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    Is this your other man - R B Grey 180470 Acting Lieutenant, Royal Armoured Corps - 1 Derby Yeo?
    Geoff GBM_WO417_006_0200.jpg GBM_WO417_008_0115.jpg

    GBM_WO417_006_0200.jpg GBM_WO417_008_0115.jpg
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    Yes , that's him, Geoff, thank you. He died on the same day he was declared missing - I now need the war diary to find exactly where.

    Thank you too., Owen, I've just picked up the other response,


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