Lt. Reginald Dennis O'DONNELL, Loyal Edmonton Regiment: 21/09/1943 - St Joseph Soldier Biography

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    Casualty Details | CWGC

    I'm looking for any information on Reginald Dennis O'Donnell, a soldier who served in the Loyal Edmonton Regiment during The Second World War in order to write a biography on him.

    He went to St Joseph High School in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and was born in Ponoka, Alberta (just to avoid confusion). Any photos would be helpful as well.

    He enlisted on September 5, 1939 and his regimental number is M15531. He now rests in Bari War Cemetery in Italy, where he was killed (I'm assuming in the Allied invasion of Italy in 1943).

    Anything about him would be helpful: friends and family connections, more military information, photos, maps, etc.

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    Hello. Lt Reginald Dennis O'Donnell is my Great Grandfather. I can possibly provide some information on him. I was wondering if you could share any information with me and possibly my family about the biography you are/have written about him?
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    Hello and welcome
    the forum member has not been on the site for over 5 years
    I have sent them a private message and perhaps they will pick it up and log on

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    lt reginald dennis o'donnell edmonton journal 5 october 1943 pg 9.png
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    Thank you for your help! I was wondering if the user has a name that if that is possible for me/family to potentially contact this person? If that that is okay. Just hoping for the best. Thank you again.
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    His service record is available on Ancestry if you haven't seen it already
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    A hunch that might have been a student of the school researching an alumnus as a history project (common in a number of Canadian schools). Try the Social Studies staff to see if they know who was supervising that in spring 2016?

    St. Joseph Staff 2020-2021
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