Lt. Peter Stanley Winston 45 Commando - Normandy Evasion

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    Looking for some information on Lt Peter Stanley Winston who parachuted with the 6th Airborne Division on D-Day he managed to evade capture after being dropped East over the River Dives. He was very active worked along side the French Resistance in the Calvados region.

    He was attached to 9th Parachute Battalion and took off from Broadwell airfield acting as Liasion officer he also had a Marine Donald with him, I have not been any information on him either. Both were from “E” Troop (Easy Parachute Troop).

    The MI9/IS9 files do spit up a little bit of info MISC INT 635 Lt. Winston, P.S. which is in file WO 208/3345 Volume II but nothing seems to appear in the file.

    He was KIA 28th January 1945 aged 20,%20PETER%20STANLEY

    Any information would be appreciated

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    If you can get hold of a copy of "Four Five" by David Young, there is an account of Winston's escape story in his own words on pages 60-67.

    He was killed in the attack on Belle Isle near Linne in the Netherlands.


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    His story is also in “Commando Men” by Bryan Samain. About twelve pages in all.

    A lot more detail in the book but a short summary is : Dropped near Trouville on the 6th, on the run and finally taken prisoner in Bordeaux on 4th August. Gestapo handed him over to the Luftwaffe. Faked illness and ended up in a hospital. Marquis picked him and some other prisoners up and he was flown back to England on 2nd September.


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    Thanks smdarby & DannyM,

    I was not expecting such a quick reply, had no clue Winston was mentioned in these books. Will now go see if they are at the local library.

    If he landed near Trouville he really was off course 16 miles from Drop Zone V near Varaville.

    Many thanks guys

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    I think I may be able to provide a little more information; Peter Winston was my Uncle. As regards where he landed, he was off-course due to the drop aircraft making a navigation error. He and a Sergeant found themselves behind enemy lines and they started the escape route through France, thanks to extraordinary help from the Resistance. PGW
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    Many thanks RCG; a meeting with one of the last surviving Royal Marines 45 Commando Officers who served with Peter, means a great deal to my brother and myself, a rare opportunity to learn more about his extraordinary courage.

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    Hi ail,
    What information do you have about the mission for the DDay of Lieutenant Winston ?
    Xavier P

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