Lt. E.W.L. Marchesi. Catering Corps.

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    2nd Lt. Ermino.William.Louis. Marchesi, (Irish Mother & Swiss Father). 1898 - 1968. (Also served in WW1).
    The following phrases are attributed to him:
    "There are things we must do"
    "There are things we can do"
    "And there are things we should do"

    I am ashamed to admit that I had not heard of this man before today, although have heard of the Rotary club of which he was the youngest member of in 1926 and the organisation he set up the next year.
    Louis Marchesi - Wikipedia
    Round Table (club) - Wikipedia

    Later this year his photograph is going to be added to the sign of a pub named after him, in Norwich.

    Pub sign to be restored to former glory as local legend’s face is returned

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