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Discussion in 'NW Europe' started by Bemused, May 11, 2018.

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    I am researching one Cyril William Biddulph on behalf of a friend ( his daughter) who is trying to piece together his (short) wartime experience.
    So far I have him commissioned into Herts & Beds in 1944 on a WS commission as 324900 Lt C W Biddulph.
    Next I have him on a casualty report as Beds & Herts and wounded on 19/04/1945 in Western Europe.
    As far as I can work out Beds & Herts weren't involved in Western Europe, being busy elsewhere.
    Can anyone help with any suggestions?
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    Commissioned 21st July 1944 into Beds and Herts ,from the ranks former number was 14665191.(General Service Corps) If he was wounded in Western Europe he may have been attached to another Regiment with only his parent unit showing on the casualty return?

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    Tony56, we are in the process of applying for the records, need to get death certificate first so its not going to produce an immediate response, when I applied for my fathers it took 12 months.
    Mr Jinks, thanks for the response, I have got a copy of the army list, and am trying to get a copy of the entry from the Sandhurst Archives but their site is B******d, took the money then froze. The news that he was commissioned from the ranks is new so thanks.
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    You are correct that the Beds and Herts weren’t in Europe at that time.
    1st Battalion were in Burma as of 23/4/45 ( India and Middle East prior)
    2nd battalion were North Africa Italy and Greece.


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