Looking for some info on 2 Candian soldiers

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    Dear all,

    I am looking for some more info about the soldiers from who I own some items.
    The first item is a Canadian helmet, wich is named to J. Meacher. His service number is B9250 and he served with the Royal Canadian Ordonance Corps. That is all I know about him.

    The second item is a Canadian gas mask, wich is named to Lance Corporal (his ID disc says private so he is promoted) C. Christianson. His service number is M67443. I believe this is a territorial rgt number, however the gas mask was left behind here in Holland. I can only assume that due to the heavy losses he became part of an active Regiment.

    Thank you very much in advance,

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    You can learn the full names and places of enlistment for these two men by writing:

    Library and Archives Canada
    Access to Information, Privacy and Personnel Records Office
    395 Wellington Street
    Ottawa, ON K1A 0N4

    I wouldn't write anything about helmets and gas masks. Just ask for their full names.

    Only if they have been dead for, at least, 20 years will they provide you with their personal information.


  3. klambie

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    It's possible to get a Canadian personnel file without proof of death. It will have personal details censored but will give you dates and units as a start on further research. I've used a Canadian researcher who is former LAC staff and knows how to navigate the privacy legislation as it's not an approach LAC encourages or promotes. He can generally turn a file around in a few weeks and charges something like $30 CAD per file.

    PM me if you want contact details and some references.
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    That's only $22.80 U.S. :D
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    Even cheaper in Euros
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    € 22,03 :pipe:
  7. Jan2000

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    Thank you very much. I think I will try the unofficial way. Klambie, I will send you a PM today.
    What about photo`s and family of these soldiers. Is it possible to reach out to them? Or is it just trying to find them via Facebook or something.
  8. klambie

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    My method will primarily help with determining what units they were serving with in Holland. You might get some info on a home town, but that is dependent on how aggressive the censor is. At best it will help narrow your location search a bit, but looking for relatives will mostly rely on finding something on the web. A unit might help if there is still a regimental association or museum around, especially for Infantry/Armour. I suspect getting further with an RCOC man (if he was still in that Corps in Holland) will be challenging as detailed history is sparse.

    Christianson's number indicates he enlisted at 13A District Depot, which was Edmonton Alberta. That DD would have covered a large part of central and N. Alberta.

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