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    6387010 Sgt Adam A Orr of the RWK Regt served with SOE's 62 Commando (Small Scale Raiding Force) he was taken POW in 1942 on Op Acquaint near Cherbourg.

    His real name was Abram Opoczynski born in Lodz Poland.

    While a POW he was held at Stalag 344 and at Stammlager VIIIB

    He was last heard of on the march from Nuremburg to Munich in April 1945 - does anyone know if there is a repatriation report for him? I am interested to know if he survived.
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    Jed (Stephen)

    I photographed his grave at Durnbach


    SurnameOpoczynski ForenameAbraham Known AsOrr, Adam RankSergeant Service Number6387010 Date of Death12/04/1945 Age23 NationalityBritish BranchBritish Army RegimentQueen's Own Royal West Kent Regiment Unit Second UnitSpecial Operations Executive Second RegimentUnavailable CemeteryDURNBACH WAR CEMETERY Cemetery CountryGermany Cemetery LocalityBad Tolz, Bayern Cemetery Info CWGC Cemetery InfoClick here Grave Location3. F. 10. CWGC Casualty InfoClick here Click on the Cemetery Name for more information.
    Additional Information

    Added ByDateInformation Site Manager01/11/2010 Son of Hirsh and Yetta Opoczynski; nephew of Mr. L. Spiro, of Forest Gate, Essex.

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    Steve, sadly he didnt survive

    In Memory of
    Serjeant ADAM ORR
    6387010, ALIAS
    who died
    on 12 April 1945
    (see OPOCZYNSKI, ABRAHAM - the true family name ).
    Remembered with honour

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    Pte. Richard Lehniger (alias Pte. Leonard) was killed on the night of the 13th September 1942 during an SSFR raid (Operation Aquatint) on German coastal defences in Normandy. He had previously been a part of the commando raid on Dieppe. Sgt. Abraham Opoczynski (alias Sgt. Adam Orr) was captured by German troops in the same Aquatint raid and handed over to the Gestapo. Although a POW, he was executed by the Nazis on the 12th April 1945, just one month before the end of the war.

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    Many thanks guys!


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