Looking For Pictures Of Russian Commanders At Stal

Discussion in 'The Eastern Front' started by DerMonk, Apr 27, 2005.

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    i am member of the community of the game close combat
    a team of developers is making a mod to this game dealing with the battle
    of stalingrad

    to be able to finish this mod to close combat V we are looking for pictures
    of the following russian commanders

    124th Rifle X Polk. Gorokov
    149th Rifle X Podpolk. Bolvinov
    399th Rifle XX Polk. Travkin
    38th Motorized X Polk. Burmakov
    42nd Rifle X Polk. Batrakov
    10th Rifle X Polk. Verevkin
    112th Rifle XX Polk. Yermolkin
    244th Rifle XX Polk. G. A. Afanasyev
    131st Rifle XX Polk. Pesochkin
    35th Guards Rifle XX Polk. Dubiansky
    137th Tank X Podpolk. Udovichenko
    95th Rifle XX Polk. Gorishny
    308th Rifle XX Polk. Gurtiev
    37th Guards Rifle XX Polk. Zholudev
    84th Tank X Polk. Bely
    189th Tank X Podpolk. Bystrik
    6th Guards Tank X Podpolk. V. Krihman

    does anyone know a good site where to search for those names
    unfortunately most of the sites we have found searching for the names are
    written in russian language

    thanks beforehand

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