Looking for my Papa's military history with the Sherbrooke Fusiliers

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    Hi everyone!

    I am new to the forum and have a few questions.

    My grandfather was a tank driver for the Sherbrooke Fusiliers. I am trying to find information about his time in WW2. He was like a father to me and only Shared a few stories about his time in WW2 and rarely about the horrors he witnessed. How would I find information on him with the Fusiliers? His name was John William Anderson (Andy) if that helps?
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  2. Chris C

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    Hi Jodi,

    Welcome to the forum!

    You should take a look here. Note that if your grandfather passed away in the past 20 years, his records are protected by privacy legislation so you need to provide proof that you are a relative etc. Although there is mention of an alternative ATIP request and I am not sure what is needed in that case.

    Requests for Military Service Files - Library and Archives Canada

    I don't know if there are histories of the Sherbrooke Fusiliers but it seems very likely.

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  3. davidbfpo

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    Being a Canadian regiment some of the usual advice will not apply. On a quick look there was little on him, notably his grave and the name on a pre-WW1 military band instruments brochure.

    You may have to work through online sources, such as: Sherbrooke Fusiliers Regiment - Wikipedia and then move onto regimental histories, journals etc. There are two interviews, with transcipts: James Love - Veteran Stories - The Memory Project and Jim Jones - Veteran Stories - The Memory Project

    There are 150 threads here that mention the unit, but possibly only three where the focus is on them. I note one refers to the regiment's war diary. I have not looked for their other unit name: 27th Armoured Regiment.

    Try this explanation of one Normandy battle honour: www.canadiansoldiers.com

    This short thread refers to the war diary and a regimental history: Sherbrooke Fusiliers at St. Andre sur Orne July 20-22, 1944 - Axis History Forum

    Good luck!
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    The War Diaries for the Sherbrooke Fusiliers start here:

    War diaries : T-12754 - Héritage

    It is lengthy and continues on Reels T-12755 through T-12762. It you go through these documents, you can probably find some mention of your grandfather. You will also be able to see details of his service on a daily basis through the logs of the regiment.

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