Looking for information on Grandfather's WWII 120th LAA regimental postings

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    Looking for any assistance with gaining information on Grandfather's (William Keir Rutherford) WWII 120th LAA regimental postings. We have his D-day landing diary and have some basic MOD information - he joined 120th 23rd February 1943 as RSD and also from the regiment photo I have that was dated 22nd August 1943. Any information or suggestions on where I may be able to obtain more information would be greatly appreciated. Happy to share any information I can with any other members.

    Would love to find any campaign details. Am in Australia so visiting archives is not currently feasible. I know his whereabouts between D-day till 1st November 1944.
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    Welcome to the forum

    You say you have some "basic information" from MOD but do you have a copy of his original service record papers from MOD Glasgow - rather than the typed partial record they provided until 10 years or so ago?

    They now provide copies of his service papers for £30 which will provide full - not basic - information about his army service - including his postings and any transfers, injuries etc.

    If you currently only have "basic information" you may want to obtain his full papers before you try to obtain any unit war diaries.

    There are forum members who offer a War Diary copying service from U.K. National Archives.

    Good luck.

    Steve Y
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    Thanks heaps for the reply Steve. Yes we do have the service record from MOD Glasgow but it didn't have as much details as we'd hoped. For instance, my dad remembers when he was about 4 seeing my grandfather in a uniform with a red rat emblem and we'd hoped that the records would have had more detail than just posted UK, western Europe etc so we'd have a bit more to go on.

    These forums have been a great read with some people having lots of interesting details, some of which I've been able to relate to what's in my grandfather's diary of D-day and the months after.

    Thanks again,

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