Looking for info: 743rd Tank Batallion in Normandy

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  1. Hello. I've been trying to find any photos or information on the operations carried out by the 743rd Tank Batallion in Normandy, especially in the period just after landing on June 6th.

    It seems that photos of their tanks are exceptionally rare. I know that they came ashore near Vierville sur Mer and were involved in engagements with the enemy towards Grandcamp in the two or three days after landing but that is the total extent of my knowledge.

    Any photos or info on their operations in this period would be very gratefully received.
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  3. Thank you SO much Sytzama, there is a wealth of information there, much appreciated.

    Do you know if any photos exist of the tanks used by the 743rd in Normandy? Any serial numbers or tank names perhaps?

    A quick scan through those documents didn't reveal any photos though the information contained in the link is invaluable.
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    These photos will be hard to find.
    As 743rd was attached to the 30th infantry division during the Normandy campaign, I found this one on the web site of this unit. Home.

    Good luck
  5. Thank you so much Sytzama. I really appreciate your effort.
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    Have you tried The View from the Turret; The 743rd Tank Battalion During World War II? Author: William B. Folkestad. About 14 pages of various photos.
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  8. Thanks so much guys! Most helpful and very much appreciated.

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